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MSNBC’s Chris Matthews is worried that Democrats and their Hollywood “buddies” have not learned important lessons from the 2016 presidential election.

The “Hardball” host told network colleagues on “Morning Joe” that President Trump is primed to once again win votes in Pennsylvania and key states due to the hubris of the “liberal elite.”

“[Voters in 2016] knew there was a great party going on among the liberal elite with all their Hollywood buddies, and they weren’t invited,” Mr. Matthews said Monday. “Nobody wants to go to a party if they haven’t been invited. … A friend of mine once said — he said this about relationships with men and women — he said: ‘People don’t mind being used, but they mind being discarded.’ The Democrats have a lot of people out there who feel discarded by them and they’re not too happy about it.”

Mr. Matthews added that too many Democrats “look down their nose” at religious Americans.

“It’s one thing about abortion rights,” he added. “We all have our own personal views and nuance — a lot of nuance on that fight. But don’t make fun of the other side. Don’t make fun of the pro-life people. Don’t think they’re lowbrows because they’re not as ‘sophisticated’ as you are. I think there’s a lot of that attitude. This creeps into the voting. ‘Oh, not only they disagree with me, they look down on me for caring about life. Oh, I get it. I’m not one of them. I know that.’ And that’s the attitude. Look, Trump played the [pro-life] vote brilliantly in Pennsylvania last time. He’ll probably do it again. You’ve got to be careful about whose feelings you are definitely hurting.”

“Morning Joe” contributor Mike Barnicle shared the same concerns.

“There are some in the Democratic field who tend to disdain anyone who voted for Donald Trump — instead of realizing that if you look around, instead of realizing that a substantial percentage of people who voted for Donald Trump — guess where they live? They live next door to you,” he said.

The clip was shared in short order by RNC Research.

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