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Sen. Elizabeth Warren, asked during the Democratic debates in Miami by NBC’s Chuck Todd if there should be a role for the federal government to remove the hundreds of millions of guns from America’s streets, said this: We need research.

And a declaration of a “national health emergency” regarding guns.

And some hot chocolate and cupcakes for the little boy and little girl I met on the campaign trail who sparked these great gun control ideas in my head.

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OK. She said a bit more. But those are the basics.

First, Todd asked about the role the federal government could have in removing the “hundreds of millions of guns” from America’s streets. Are the guns roaming? He didn’t say. But back to Warren.

She said: “The single hardest question I’ve gotten [on the campaign trail] — I’ve got one from a little boy and one from a little girl — was, ‘when you’re president, how are you going to keep us safe?’”

And Warren, after thinking a bit, came up with this: “Gun violence is a national health emergency in this country.” Like the flu?

So her big idea is to yes, do the universal background checks, yes, do the “common sense” controls on certain types of firearms, but then, when all’s said and done, in the end, to “double down on research and find out what really works.”

Come again?

“[We need to] treat this like a virus that’s killing our children,” Warren said.

And when asked by Todd for clarification — well, that’s being kind, he actually asked Warren if she wanted to answer the question he actually posed to her — Warren said this: “We need to treat it like a serious research problem.”

Gun control, Warren style: A “national health emergency” that requires “serious research.” All to save the little boys and girls who’ve been indoctrinated to believe that it’s the president’s personal job to guarantee their safety and security.

It’s hard to decide which is worse: Warren’s quote-unquote “solution.” Or America’s public school systems.

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