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Talk about a low culture moment.

Kate Gilmore, the U.N. deputy high commissioner for human rights, in an interview with The Guardian, called out America’s restrictions on abortion as “torture” and examples of “extremist hate.”

Come again?

“This is a crisis,” she said. “It’s a crisis directed at women.”

Oh. My. Gosh.

She was talking about torture to the woman — not baby being ripped from womb. She was talking about hate toward the woman — not the poor defenseless innocent being judged and deemed an insignificant dot.

Her comments come on the heels of several states in America rolling back abortion-on-demand practices and replacing them with heartbeat bills and other — umm, common sense? Humane? Not-so-evil? Choose your descriptor — legislative policies that set the life of the child, the potential life of the child, at the forefront of the whole “it’s my body and I’ll do what I want” women’s debate.

And that’s torture, to Gilmore.

“It’s clear it’s torture,” she said. “It’s a deprivation of a right to health. … We have not called it out in the same way we have other forms of extremist hate, but this is gender-based violence against women, no question.”

Not that the United Nations‘ secular, globalist and far, far, far-left ways of thinking applies in America, or to America.

Not in this administration, anyway.

Not with this America First brand of White House, anyhow.

But a different president, a different administration, a different point in political time — and suddenly, the United Nations‘ view of America’s abortion laws could very well take front and center in the legislative debates.

Suddenly, the pro-abortion movement could have a friend with some hefty weight, in high position to press into media consciousness the need to halt the “torture” of America’s women.

So ignore this U.N. bureaucrat’s opinion at U.S. peril.

America must capture hold of its culture, reorient its moral compass to a more godly course and in so doing, drive the abomination of abortion from the land with love first, regulation second. Anything less — any reversal of those priorities — gives the likes of Gilmore at the United Nations an “in” with her ridiculous comparisons.

And once such words are entered into the public debate, they’re tough to remove. Just look at how the Democrats fly with “impeachment” and “climate change,” in the face of facts and science that should shutter such talk.

Pro-lifers are not haters. Defenders of life are not torturers. Let’s fight such rhetoric. It has no place in rational discourse. And really, in sovereign America, neither does the United Nations.

• Cheryl Chumley can be reached at [email protected] or on Twitter @ckchumley.

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