- The Washington Times - Friday, June 7, 2019

So Democrats finally formally introduced what they’ve been threatening to introduce for weeks now: their latest lame-road attempt to derail President Donald Trump’s presidency.

They call it a contempt resolution.

It’s aimed at holding Attorney General William Barr and ex-White House counsel Don McGahn in contempt of Congress for failing to turn over documents that would put Barr in violation of the law — the full, unredacted findings of special counsel Robert Mueller, the ones that contain protected grand jury statements.

The nerve of this Barr, denying Democrats the right to accuse him of violating grand jury testimony rules.

Now, thanks to Rules Committee Chairman Jim McGovern, they’re going to go after him, anyway. McGovern introduced a resolution holding Barr in contempt; The Hill reports the Rules Committee is likely to move the measure forward on Monday.

Hurrah for the left-leaning news, hurray for the experts of innuendo and spin. What a week next week will be.

Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, perpetual anti-Trump and comber of the dark for all-tools-anti-Trump, will be emboldened by this resolution to pursue via court a civil enforcement of a Democratic-pressed congressional subpoena against Barr to compel him to turn over all the papers he has about Mueller’s report. He’ll also get the chance, should the resolution pass, which in the Democratic-dominated House, it surely will, to take a righteously shrill stand before the media and demand McGahn speak, speak, speak and spill, spill, spill about all the supposed secrets he’s been hiding tied to the attorney general’s coverup of Mueller’s Real Findings.

Circus show?

You bet.

But remember, it’s all about Trump.

It’s all about keeping alive the mantra that Trump never was and therefore never will be the rightful occupier of the White House because, well darn it all to a deplorable in a hen basket, he simply stole this 2016 election right out from under Hillary Clinton, colluding with Russia to drive her from power.

And if not colluding, then obstructing.

Obstructing what?

Come on now. Let’s not convolute the impeachment march with silly senseless questions of fact and logic.

To Democrats, there are elections to be won. There are conservative careers to be sullied. There are White House agendas to thwart and destroy.

Let the dumpster diving for deceit go forth.

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