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Fox News’ Laura Ingraham says Democrats who get on a moral high horse are going to “get bucked right off” if they embrace former Vice President Joseph R. Biden’s “Make America Moral Again” slogan.

The host of “The Ingraham Angle” told viewers Tuesday evening that Mr. Biden and his peers have a lot of chutzpah to frame themselves as “moral exemplars of the 21st century,” given their collective silence on infanticide and embrace of late-term abortion legislation.

The 2020 presidential hopeful told ABC’s “Good Morning America” Tuesday that President Trump’s “god-awful deliberate division” needed to be course-corrected via his political and moral guidance.

Ms. Ingraham also played a montage of other Democratic presidential candidates using similar language.

“Democrats like Joe, bitter about Trump’s roaring economy, they’re desperate and they’re clinging to their morality narrative,” Ms. Ingraham said. “But there’s another problem: They’ve also become the party of infanticide. It was [Virginia] Gov. Ralph Northam, a pediatric neurologist who, while not in blackface, explained the grizzly process that he sought to expand under his state laws. Then, days, later, the New York Assembly passed a bill legalizing infanticide and decriminalizing late-term abortions.”

The Fox host also played footage of Mr. Northam explaining the state’s proposed Repeal Act.

“The infant would be delivered,” Mr. Northam told a radio station in January. “The infant would be kept comfortable. The infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother.”

Ms. Ingraham noted Mr. Biden’s “evolving” stance on abortion policies and his stated Catholic faith to buttress her point.

“These people are the moral exemplars of the 21st century?” she asked. “Are you kidding me? Democrats ought to get off their moral high horses or they’re going to get bucked right off. … It is immoral to condemn and judge a man who, like all of us, is flawed but who gave up a really cushy life to fight hard every day for prosperity and security for all Americans. [Mr. Trump has] done more for the cause of life than any president in my lifetime — and I worked for Ronald Reagan. … Pull the numerous planks out of your own eye, Joe, before you start condemning others as immoral for political gain.”

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