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Donald Trump Jr., the president’s eldest son, was heckled offstage at a University of California book event Sunday after the audience became angry about the question-and-answer portion being canceled.

Mr. Trump was speaking at the University of California’s Los Angeles campus to promote his new book “Triggered!” when the audience — which The Guardian reported were supporters of President Trump — began interrupting the talk with chants of “USA! USA!” and “Q and A! Q and A!” after they were told “time restraints” would prevent the president’s eldest son and his girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle, from taking questions.

Mr. Trump and Ms. Guilfoyle originally attempted to ignore the disruption — which originated by a group called America Firsters who believe the president has been compromised by internationalists.

When the chants wouldn’t stop, Mr. Trump argued that they removed the Q-and-A portion to prevent left-wing pundits from using their statements to create soundbites, but the chants continued.

“I’m willing to listen …,” Mr. Trump said.

“Q and A! Q and A!” responded the audience.

“We’ll go into the lion’s den and talk …,” Mr. Trump Jr. started.

“Then open the Q and A!” said an audience member.

Ms. Guilfoyle: “You’re not making your parents proud by being rude and disruptive and discourteous. We’re happy to answer a question.”

The audience continued to heckle, and the two left the stage shortly after that, 20 minutes into the two-hour event.

The Guardian reported that the leader of the America Firsters, Nick Fuentes, attended the event to thwart the book talk’s host, “Turning Point USA” founder Charlie Kirk, who attempts to bring conservative voices to more liberal colleges.

Mr. Fuentes tweeted that the event was a “huge victory” for them as Mr. Kirk has faced questions in past talks on whether he supports Israel more than America, which Mr. Kirk denies.

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