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The confrontation was not the story of a “good guy with a gun” or even a “good guy with an assault rifle,” but “a good woman in her ninth month with an assault rifle.”

A home invasion in Lithia, Florida, last week was thwarted by the very pregnant woman firing an AR-15 semi-automatic weapon and killing one of the attackers, according to local news reports.

Jeremy King told Bay News 9 in Tampa that he was badly beaten up by two masked men carrying guns while he was at home with his family.

“They came in heavily hooded and masked,” he said of the two robbers who barged into his home. “As soon as they had got the back door opened, they had a pistol on me and was grabbing my 11-year-old daughter.”

“I’m telling them, ‘I have nothing for you. And they’re like, ‘Give me everything you got.’ It became real violent, real fast,” he told the all-news network.

The attackers pistol-whipped Mr. King and kicked him in the head, giving him a concussion and cracking open his head to the tune of 20 stitches and three staples.

According to Mr. King, his wife, whom the TV station did not name, came out from the back room and saw what was happening. The attackers saw her and fired a shot. Then she went to grab the family’s AR-15.

“When he came toward the back door in her line of sight, she clipped him,” Mr. King said. “He made it from my back door to roughly 200 feet out in the front ditch before the AR did its thing.”

The struck gunman, whom authorities did not immediately name, was found dead in a nearby ditch. The other gunman fled and remains at large.

Mr. King said the family did not know the attackers.

“Them guys came in with two normal pistols and my AR stopped it,” Mr. King said. “(My wife) evened the playing field and kept them from killing me.”

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