- The Washington Times - Wednesday, September 18, 2019

An 18-year-old Oklahoma woman was arrested this week after she reportedly threatened to go to her former high school and “shoot 400 people for fun,” police said.

Authorities said they apprehended Alexis Wilson after a coworker at a pizza restaurant reported her saying she would like to shoot students at McAlester High School and showed them footage of the suspect firing an AR-15 rifle she recently purchased, according to WWNY.

Police arrested Ms. Wilson at her home Sunday and confiscated an AK-47, six magazines and a 12-gauge shotgun with storage for extra shells.

Ms. Wilson told police that the coworker misunderstood her, adding she was attempting to teach her coworker that guns do not need to be feared.

“In today’s times, you can’t say stuff like that. Anytime something is said we are going to take it serious, and we are going to investigate it to the full extent and make an arrest, if possible, because we do not want any of our schools getting shot up. Nobody does. So, we are going to do everything we can to prevent this,” Pittsburg County Sheriff Chris Morris said, WWNY reported.

“Authorities say Wilson was expelled from the high school after violent incidents and that she had been suspended on separate occasions after being caught with a knife and a swastika at school. She wasn’t allowed to re-enroll,” The Associated Press reported.

Ms. Wilson reportedly dropped out of high school in ninth grade but was attempting to re-enroll to receive credits for her GED. She was reportedly angry when the school denied her the ability to re-enroll, but she said she wasn’t mad, police said.

She also told police she was bullied while in school but learned to ignore it. She also admitted to having suicidal feelings.

McAlester Public School Superintendent Randy Hughes said while Ms. Wilson “had some problems,” she did not see anything that would result in “something like this,” WWNY reported.

“I am saddened by the state of where we are at in our society. I am grateful to God for watching over us. I am grateful for our police department for acting swiftly and quickly. I am relieved. You always look at the other side and think what could have happened. We don’t want any of our kids hurt,” Mr. Hughes said.


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