- - Thursday, August 13, 2020

The people of Iran deserve freedom, freedom from the oppression, the evil, and the tyranny of the mullahs. We all stand with the people of Iran. It is time for regime change in Iran. It is time for the regime to go. We join together to say loudly, “The mullahs must go.” It is also time for the Iranian people to be able to freely elect their own representatives. I want to thank Madame Rajavi and the NCRI for your courage and your sacrifice in opposing the mullahs and standing up for the people of Iran. Your 10-point plan rightly envisions a peaceful, democratic future for Iran based on what we would hope all countries would want: universal suffrage, gender equality, freedom of speech, separate of religion and state, and a nonnuclear Iran.

We know that the people of Iran support your vision. We have seen and heard from Iranians from all walks of life and backgrounds. They have taken to the streets to protest the regime.

And what has happened to these Iranians who have bravely taken to the streets? Thousands horribly murdered or tortured. We will not forget their sacrifice, and we remember and honor the fact that they were willing to put their lives on the line. But their voices have not been diminished. We hear and agree with your outrage about the illegitimate capital punishment sentences recently handed down for three innocent young Iranians whose only crime is that they dared to speak out against the mullahs.

Thank you, Madame Rajavi, for your leadership, for shining a light on this misjustice, for speaking out strongly for these three young Iranians, and for the right of all Iranians to be free from oppression and to speak their minds. There can be no more appeasement of this Iranian regime. It is time for all the free countries of the world to join together to stop the mullah’s reign of terrorism inside Iran and outside Iran, to make sure that they never get a nuclear weapon. And most importantly, to support the right of the Iranian people to be free from tyranny, to determine their own destiny, and to live in peace and prosperity.

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