- - Thursday, August 13, 2020

It is a real tribute to the organizational skills of the NCRI that we could pull together in the middle of a worldwide pandemic this kind of gathering to bring together old friends and new friends in support of freedom for the people of Iran.

We’ve seen, again over the last few years, uprisings in big and small cities across Iran. People pushing for more food, better jobs, a better economy, but also, importantly, more freedom, for the right to be able to select their own leaders, to be able to live in a country that honored civil liberties. We’ve seen the toll that the pandemic has taken, and Madame Rajavi talked about the 70,000 people who are dead in Iran from this terrible pandemic. The regime is collapsing. But the real question is, what will take its place? And who will take the place of the ayatollahs? And who will decide who will take the place? Well, we know one thing. We know who the regime fears is going to take its place. We saw no better evidence of that than in the attempted bombing of the 2018 gathering of the NCRI in Villepinte, France. That was an attempt to take out Madame Rajavi, to kill as many of the supporters as possible, and to terrorize those who would dare to stand up to the regime.

Well, why is it that the regime fears Madame Rajavi? It’s for the simple reason that she stands for ideas of liberty. Her 10-point plan is the best hope for the freedom of the Iranian people. She has been a beacon in the wilderness to gather together those who support a free Iran in which the people of that country can enjoy equal freedoms, equal rights before the courts, the power to assemble, the right to express their own views, and the right to worship as they choose. So, that’s what the regime in Iran fears most. And I am so proud to be here with others who have supported Madame Rajavi to say to the regime, your time is coming. We’ve waited a long time, but your days are numbered. And those who will replace you will do so not at the barrel of a gun, but with the strength of their ideas. And I say to all of you, hazer, hazer, hazer. Thank you very much.

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