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Virginia’s health commissioner, Dr. Norman Oliver, said to a Richmond news station that he will make every man, woman and child in the state take the COVID-19 vaccine once it’s developed, once it’s proven safe, and so long as he is still in office, holding the job of — apparently — Resident Body Snatcher. Literally.

Who died and made this dude king?

Oliver is coming for your kids — coming for your family — and he’s got a bag of needles on his back that says, in no uncertain terms: Take zee shot, comrade. Or else.

It’s that “or else” that lingers.

“[The coronavirus] is killing people now,” Oliver told 8News. “We don’t have a treatment for it and if we develop a vaccine that can prevent it from spreading in the community, we will save hundreds and hundreds of lives.”

How scientific — “hundreds and hundreds.” That’s almost as surefire certain as the climate change alarmist’s “12 years and we all die” messaging. On top of that, everybody and their sister knows by now the coronavirus numbers aren’t to be trusted. The hospitals have been incentivized to inflate coronavirus fatalities and case counts in order to receive money from the federal government, i.e., taxpayers; the test kits have been faulty; the media has been inaccurately reporting coronavirus “cases” as if they’re one and the same as coronavirus deaths — blatantly and irresponsibly disregarding the fact the only numbers that matter are the recovery percentages, or fatality percentages, in context of the larger field of positives.

But such is the rule by fear approach to governing. It doesn’t need any of those pesky factoids floating around; it only takes a couple of carefully placed references of death or dying or sickness or ailments and voila, whatever’s offered up to stop that dastardly death and dying, the people must take.

Oliver’s announcement came after the Department of Health in Massachusetts mandated all students older than 6 months, and up through college, get the flu vaccination as a condition of attending school.

Spring. Board. And here comes the mandated COVID-19 shots.

These health bureaucrats are out of control. It’s time for Republicans in Congress to step in an quickly and legislatively remind: An individual has the right in this country to determine individual health choices.

Democrats have always interpreted that to mean baby-killing.

But actually, it means citizens have the right to set their own course of action when it comes to personal medical decisions. Like getting a surgery, or not. Or exercising, or not. Or eating vegetables five times a day, or not.

Or taking a COVID-19 vaccine. Or not. Americans do not have to take a vaccine that comes by way of issuance of a bureaucrat’s order — particularly when it’s a vaccine that comes on the heels of suspiciously skewed, flawed, misreported and outright deceptive statistics.

My body, my choice.

Your body, your choice.

Your kids’ bodies — parental choice. The good Dohktah Oliver doesn’t figure into these equations at all.

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