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Mark Levin says much of America is being kept in the dark regarding a constitutional powder keg that is primed to explode unless the U.S. Supreme Court acts soon.

The host of Fox’s “Life, Liberty & Levin” told his audience that unconstitutional and illegal changes to Pennsylvania’s election process have brought the nation to a “potential constitutional crisis.”

“Fourteen months ago in the state of Pennsylvania, if you had voted by mail-in ballot, it would have been discarded,” Mr. Levin, who worked in the administration of President Ronald Reagan and was a chief of staff for Attorney General Edwin Meese, said. “If that mail-in ballot had been counted, it would have been fraud. Fourteen months ago in the state of Pennsylvania, if you sent in a ballot without a signature, the ballot would be discarded. If it was counted, that would be criminal fraud. Fourteen months ago in the state of Pennsylvania, if you sent in a ballot with a signature that didn’t match the signature that they had on file, that would be discarded. If it was counted, that would be criminal fraud.”

Mr. Levin said that changes to election law in 2019 violated the state constitution of Pennsylvania, a problem that was compounded during the coronavirus pandemic by Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf.

“[The governor] said,” Mr. Levin continued Sunday, “‘You know the signature requirements, we really shouldn’t have that. The postmark requirements? We really don’t need that. These other requirements that it has to be in by election day? There ought to be a few more days after election day where we can count the ballots.’”

The radio host then detailed multiple decisions by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, which has thwarted President Trump’s legal team and its allegations of wide-spread voter fraud.

“What we see here is fraud perpetrated against the people of Pennsylvania, against the American people, and the Electoral College process by politicians who violated the constitution repeatedly, who violated the rule of law by a rogue state supreme court,” Mr. Levin said. “And unless the U.S. Supreme Court, as it did in Bush v. Gore, exercises legitimately its power of judicial review, we have a potential constitutional crisis in this matter, and one way or another, Congress will have to resolve it on January 6th.”

Mr. Levin also noted that Pennsylvania’s lawmakers and bureaucrats had essentially set up a legal Catch-22 to prevent reform from taking place.

“If the Congressman and candidate brought this suit before the election, what do you think the five Democrats on that court would have said?” the host asked. “You have no standing, you haven’t been hurt yet, there hasn’t been an election. So, in other words, you have no due process whatsoever when it comes to the State of Pennsylvania and the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.”

Mr. Levin’s full comments can be found here.

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