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A right-tilting Denver Post columnist fired over what he said was his insistence that “there are only two sexes” has a new gig working for a newspaper owned by conservative Colorado billionaire Philip Anschutz.

Independent Institute President Jon Caldara, whose Denver Post column was canceled two weeks ago, was hired to write a weekly column starting Feb. 9 for the Anschutz-owned Colorado Springs Gazette, which will also appear in its political news journal, Colorado Politics.

“Thrilled to be with a growing, not shrinking, paper covering politics in Colorado for as long as they’ll have me,” Mr. Caldara said in an email blast.

The host of the weekly Colorado Public Television current-events show “The Devil’s Advocate,” Mr. Caldara has been “a key figure in the public policy process for decades, known statewide and nationally,” said Gazette editorial page editor Wayne Laugesen.

“Jon Caldara will entertain and inform a large, influential and growing statewide audience in both Colorado Politics and the Pulitzer Prize-winning pages of The Gazette,” Mr. Laugesen said in a statement.

Mr. Caldara said last month that Post editorial editor Megan Schrader nixed the weekly column he had written since 2016 because “she found my writing too insensitive. And yes, it is.”

“What seemed to be the last straw for my column was my insistence that there are only two sexes and my frustration that to be inclusive of the transgendered (even that word isn’t allowed) we must lose our right to free speech,” Mr. Caldara said in a Jan. 17 Facebook post.

Post editor Lee Ann Colacioppo pointed out that the editorial page ran both columns by Mr. Caldara on “issues surrounding sex and gender,” but said that those writing about “sensitive subjects” should use “respectful language.”

“In exercising our right to edit material submitted for publication, we make changes and suggestions to uphold that standard,” she said in a Jan. 21 editor’s note. “We expect writers to work with us in a collaborative and professional manner as we strive toward that goal.”

In a Jan. 3 column, Mr. Caldara criticized The Associated Press for updating its stylebook in 2017 to say that “[n]ot all people fall under one of two categories for sex or gender.”

“There are only two sexes, identified by an XX or XY chromosome,” Mr. Caldara’s column said. “That is the very definition of binary. The AP ruling it isn’t so doesn’t change science. It’s a premeditative attempt to change culture and policy. It’s activism.”

The Gazette is Colorado’s second-largest newspaper, trailing only the Post. In addition to the Gazette, Mr. Anschutz owns the Washington Examiner through the Clarity Media Group, and has contributed for years to Christian and conservative causes and organizations.

“It is an honor to advance my writing addiction to another level, joining Colorado’s most successful and respected publications,” Mr. Caldara said.

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