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Oh boy, this is about as far left on foreign policy as a leftist can get — and no surprise, it’s brought to America courtesy of the socialist who stipulates he’s a democratic-socialist, all the while wearing an independent senatorial button, all the while caucusing with Democrats in the Senate, all the while running for president within the Democratic Party: Bernie Sanders.

“Our job,” he said, at the final Democrat debate in Iowa, broadcast by CNN, “is to build the United Nations.”

Not America?

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There’s an odd viewpoint for a guy seeking to lead the United States of America. After all, you’d at least think he’d make a show of wanting to first build America up — and then and only then, maybe consider the United Nations.

Sanders made the remark in response to a question from moderator Wolf Blitzer about the candidates’ foreign policy on Iran, Afghanistan and troops in the Middle East.

Sanders went on, saying “our job” — meaning, America’s — was to “rebuild the State Department” as well as “resolve international conflict diplomatically.”

In other words: Sanders‘ plan for foreign policy would be to talk, talk, talk, bargain, bargain, bargain, petition, petition, petition, meet, meet, meet — then break for lunch and do it all again.

All within the hallowed halls of the global-first, sovereign-nations-second, America-not-at-all United Nations.

Thanks, Bernie, for the warning.

Didn’t America already suffer eight years of diplomacy at all costs under Barack Obama?

A vote for Sanders: It’s a vote for globalism. It’s a vote for the United Nations.

That’s very like saying: It’s a vote against America.

Then again, Sanders is a socialist. His whole being stands opposed to America.

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