- The Washington Times - Friday, January 31, 2020

Fifty-two percent of participants in a poll from the left-leaning Data for Progress organization say prostitution and other work tied to the sex industry should be legal in America.

And — drumroll please — the secularization of the country is nearly complete.

Of course, Data for Progress does partner with the likes of the American Civil Liberties Union, the Center for Constitutional Rights, the Human Rights Campaign, the Immigrant Defense Project — all left of leftist-leaning outfits. So there is that.

And, when the numbers are peeled back, it’s seen that Democrats were far more likely to favor the decriminalizing of sex work than Republicans and independents. Specifically, 64% of Democrats wanted to decriminalize prostitution and other illegal sex behaviors in America, compared to 55% of those professing political independence and 37% of Republicans, The Hill reported.

So there is that, too.

But regardless, but at the same time, but no matter the political breakdown — fact is, decriminalizing sex work is horrible national policy. The fact that now, 52% of all respondents said they either strongly support or somewhat support decriminalization is a terrible commentary on the nation’s march toward secularism, on the country’s growing atheism, on the national turn from once-accepted founders’ views of the need for citizens to be heavenly guided on the moral front, else the democratic-republic would fall.

And this — as President Donald Trump just signed an executive order combating human and sex trafficking.

The far left thinks that decriminalizing prostitution actually opens the door to protect the rights of the sex workers and keep them from exploitation.

But since when does turning a blind eye to crime prove a benefit to anyone, least of all the victims?

Decriminalizing sex work would move it from the shadows into the open; from the seedy into the acceptable. And that gives traffickers and those who prey on the unfortunate, the unwitting, the abused and neglected even greater ability to recruit — even bolder attitudes to profit. Don’t we already have enough gang thugs and animal drug dealers trafficking young girls, sometimes across the borders, to help fund their already illegal endeavors? Should we really be encouraging more of these disgusting, destructive activities?


Decriminalizing sex work simply opens the door to more exploitation of youth.

At the same time, it removes the stain of shame and sin from a field in which no human being should take esteem. Bluntly, those who would seek to leave the field for more reputable pursuits might reconsider if their sex-for-money acts were regarded, say, as professional as lawyering.

No, no and no again.

The only ones to benefit from the decriminalization of sex work would be the criminal elements — and maybe the government, by way of new tax and fee collections. And honestly, a government that takes money from the practice of selling bodies for sex is barely above criminal itself.

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