- The Washington Times - Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Christmas is over, New Year’s has ended, 2020 has begun, and what’s on the table for Congress is the same that was set last year by Democrats in the House — impeachment.

And that’s curious because, in the words of Democrats, impeaching President Donald Trump was a national security must-do, must-do right now — and, in the words of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the president had already admitted to bribery anyway.

So what’s the holdup?

“[Democrats are] hoping that the Senate will make their case for them,” said Sen. Ron Johnson, Republican from Wisconsin, on Fox News.

But not only is that not the Senate’s job; the Constitution requires the Senate to convict or acquit, not rehash the House’s role of running the trial portion of the impeachment. But also: Why would the Senate want to take up such flimsy impeachment articles and waste time pretending if they’re substantial?

These are not real articles of impeachment. The phrases the Dems in the House finally settled on to impeach Trump — the obstruction of Congress and the abuse of power — aren’t based on any type of evidence that makes clear the president doesn’t belong in the White House spot. They’re fabricated. Faked. Feigned.

They’re the stuff and nonsense of Democrats’ long-running, never-ending stuff and nonsense impeachment dreams.

And after three years of calling for Trump’s ouster, followed by months of investigations and weeks of congressional testimony and hearings and witness statements, the Democrats are being forced to face the simple fact: They got nothing.

So Pelosi, showing the only shred of sanity the Democrats have shown for some time, is hesitant to send the faked articles over to the Senate because — and this is the glimpse of sanity in her mind — she knows dang well they’re bunk.

“I don’t know what Nancy Pelosi is doing,” Johnson said. “To me, her strategy seems totally bizarre. What I hope is this week, our conference comes together. I don’t think we should let Nancy Pelosi run the Senate.”

Heck, at this point, after seeing what Democrats have done to this president, to this country, to notions of law and order and justice, and right versus wrong over the last few years, and how party leadership have let the farthest of the far-left infiltrate and run political operations, it’s debatable whether Pelosi should even run her own House.

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