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Project Veritas, in its latest released video, outed content moderators working for a third party contractor for Facebook discussing various ways they could censor supporters of President Donald Trump on the social media platform.

This is beginning to be a daily headline — the social media censorship of conservatives, that is.

It’s almost to the point where if you’re conservative and haven’t been booted from one of Big Tech’s major information-sharing sites, then wait for it, wait for it, the time draws near. The time will come.

“The video,” The Daily Caller wrote, “shows individual Facebook content moderators working for a third party contractor, Cognizant [around 2018], expressing their eagerness to censor supporters of President Donald Trump. The footage also shows that CNN host Don Lemon was granted an ‘exception’ by a Facebook [moderator] for speech that would have otherwise violated Facebook’s rules against hate speech.”

So what was Lemon’s hateful remark?

Back in November of 2018, Lemon, according to a manager who was training moderators in the censorship way to go, The Daily Caller reported, implied “that white men are terrorists.”

Normally, this would violate Facebook’s terms of use — but sine “this is a newsworthy event, FB’s content policy team is allowing a narrow exception for this content on the platform,” the manager said to moderators.

How nice for Don Lemon.

‘Cause it’s anybody’s guess when Trump or conservatives call for things like, oh, let’s see, border security — if Facebook and other social media sites’ censors will boot them for hate speech, racism or some other fabricated offense.

Project Veritas on video also showed former Cognizant content moderator Zach McElroy making this comment: “I’m thinking about, I’m thinking, delete like every Donald Trump post I see on the timeline.” And to that, another moderator is captured on video replying: “Oh OK, I though I was the only one.”

Cognizant in 2019 began exiting its content moderating role with Facebook.

But the damage was done.

The censorship, toward the tail end of Cognizant’s contract, even ramped up a bit.

“Yes, I don’t give no f—s, I’ll delete it,” said one moderator when asked about her policy of determining which conservative posts get to stay and which must go.


That’s the left’s strategy for dealing with conservative thought, in a nutshell — “I don’t give no f—s,” just “delete it.”

The tolerant left, always willing to embrace individuals of all walks, all beliefs, all backgrounds — so long as they conform to leftist ideology, that is.

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