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Democrats loathe Donald J. Trump. They hate him. In the truest sense of the word, they hate him. We all know reasonable rational people with whom we disagree on any number of issues, from baseball to restaurants to tax policy. Despite our differences, most manage to talk, to interact, to work and even to socialize together. Mention the president, however, and heads explode.

You support the president? You are a fascist. You are a racist. You are inherently evil. You deserve not only to be defriended on social media, but to get sick, to die a horrible death and to be publicly shamed at your own memorial service.

Not only is the Trump administration undeniably racist, we are told, but the American flag isn’t great, it is a symbol of slavery and oppression. No joke, that is part of the standard argument now. And just when you thought the madness couldn’t get any crazier, it has.

Jesus Christ, the Lord and Savior to more than 200 million Americans, has now been determined to be a sign of racism and white supremacy. Jesus must go.

Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King said this week it is time to tear down every statue, every picture, every stained glass window and every crucifix of Jesus. Mr. King says they are a gross form of white supremacy and were created as tools of oppression. He says depictions of Jesus are racist propaganda.

According to Rasmussen Reports, arguably America’s most accurate pollster, 13% of Americans agree with Mr. King’s statement. The more stunning number is that 31% of Black Americans agree. Jesus is racist propaganda.

It is that illogical and irrational passion that has led to a deep divide in America. The Democrats will do quite literally anything to try and get President Trump out of the White House. First was the claim that he worked hand in hand with Russia to steal the 2016 election (because we all know if you want to win an American election the first place you turn is to the Russians). Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler and former Obama CIA chief John Brennan all claimed to have specific, factual evidence that demonstrated the allegations were true. Except they didn’t.

The Democrats’ hand-picked special counsel Robert Mueller and his 13 Democrat operative attorneys spent more than two years and $25 million tax dollars trying to prove that Trump and his campaign had indeed colluded with the Russians. They came up with nothing. Zip. Nada.

Either Mr. Mueller’s team was grossly incompetent or Messrs. Schiff, Nadler and Brennan blatantly lied to the American public. Sadly, they don’t care. In their effort to destroy a duly elected president of the United States, lying to all of us was just part of the game. The mainstream media, no fans of Mr. Trump either, couldn’t care less that Democrats in power lied to them.

Next up was the Ukraine scandal. Many people have already forgotten, but it was actually earlier this year when Democrat prosecutors from the House of Representatives presented their case for impeachment and removal of the president of the United States to the Senate. The crux of their argument was that although Mr. Trump and the president of Ukraine both recalled the conversation one way, the Democrats knew Mr. Trump really meant something different. Much like with the Russia story, wild claims went unsubstantiated. The Senate voted to acquit.

What would the Democrats cook up next? In an election year and with the economy humming along, they would need to get creative. They needed to come up with something that would really damage Mr. Trump. If some innocent folks got hurt along the way, tough. If the nation was further divided and the institutions of our government sullied in the process? Collateral damage. Mr. Trump must go. No cost is too great.

Fate intervened and COVID-19 became the only news story 24/7. The magnitude of the panic surrounding the worldwide pandemic is a once in a lifetime event. The whole world closed up shop, went home and turned out the lights. Shelter in place. We will hide and wait this thing out. The Democrats literally recited the mantra “Never let a good crisis go to waste” and quickly set out to tie Mr. Trump to the coronavirus. Did COVID shut down your business? Mr. Trump’s fault. Did your grandmother die of COVID? Mr. Trump’s fault. Graduation ceremony cancelled? Wedding postponed? Laid off from work? All Mr. Trump’s fault.

Despite the daily media pounding blaming the president for anything and everything related to coronavirus, a funny thing happened this spring. His poll numbers went up.

Then came George Floyd. A black man who became a victim of some extraordinarily bad policing. George Floyd not only died at the hands of white cops, it was captured on video and watched by millions of Americans. It was extremely disturbing. According to Democrat leadership and the mainstream media, George Floyd’s death was also Donald Trump’s fault. How is that possible? Because even though Mr. Trump shepherded the most successful Black economy in United States history and put more money into historically black colleges and universities than ever before, we’re supposed to believe he is a racist.

Where Russia, Ukraine and COVID had failed, blaming Mr. Trump for a senseless killing in Minneapolis, Minnesota, succeeded. Democrats, sensing blood in the water, went for the kill. They fanned the flames, quite literally, painting metropolitan areas ablaze in fire and mayhem as peaceful protests and encouraging more. As the momentum for the black community’s anger focused on Donald Trump, his detractors kept discovering and trumpeting new symbols of racism.

First it was the police. They are all racists. Police departments must be disbanded.

Next it was historical figures. Washington and Jefferson were terrible men. Statues, memorials, street names and even cities must all be wiped clean of their names.

Third, America itself is a hotbed of systemic oppression. Never mind that the last president was black. Never mind that the U.S. has the highest standard of living on the planet. Never mind that racial preferences exist for minorities at the highest educational institutions and in various elements of the workplace. Never mind that the majority of citizens relish living in the melting pot that brings us all together. Instead, we’re told that a bad cop (and a racist president of course!) is representative of our entire society.

The next step? The American flag is a symbol of hatred and oppression. The NFL pioneered the concept that disrespecting the flag, the ideals it stands for and the people who died for it is a bold proud statement. I’m curious in what other country NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell could escape this oppressive state and earn nearly $1 million per week. Every week. All year long.

So if the police are racist, the Founding Fathers are racist, the current president is racist, the stars and stripes are racist and the country itself systemically oppresses all people of color, what is left to demonize?


He was already crucified 2,000 years ago, but apparently there is an entire segment of society that wants to try it again. Black activists now say depictions of Jesus are a gross form of white supremacy and must be removed. The First Amendment be damned. Pay no attention to that parchment that says no American can impede the free exercise of religion. The woke left has decided Jesus is racist and they believe they should enter your church’s sanctuary and tear down anything Jesus related.

The Democrats have demonstrated repeatedly they will say or do anything to fire up minority America in an effort to take back the White House. We are told that supporting their agenda will rid us of racist cops, will open our borders to an international kumbaya festival on American soil, will eradicate COVID-19, will magically make any sins of our collective past disappear and will allow you to personally decide which laws you wish to follow.

This latest tactic is a new low, however, even for them. Apparently a vote for Joe Biden in 2020 is a vote to get rid of Jesus.

God help us all.

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