- The Washington Times - Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Howard Stern hit back Tuesday at Donald Trump Jr., sarcastically praising the president’s eldest son after recently provoking him by saying his father should resign from office.

The host of “The Howard Stern Show” on Sirius XM jokingly lauded the first son during the program’s latest episode in light of having triggered him last week by taking on his dad.

“He is such a wit. He is such a genius. He would have made a fortune if he wasn’t under his father’s thumb,” Mr. Stern said about the president’s son with his tongue in his cheek Tuesday.

“I’d list all of junior’s accomplishments right now, but I only have a three-hour show. It would take the whole show. He’s too strong for me physically and mentally for me to comment on,” Mr. Stern quipped.

Mr. Stern, 66, made the comments after having come under fire from the first son over remarks the radio host said last week on his show about President Trump and his supporters.

“The oddity in all of this is the people Trump despises most, love him the most,” Mr. Stern said at the time. “The people who are voting for Trump, for the most part … he wouldn’t even let them in a f—-ing hotel.”

Mr. Stern also said at the time that he personally hates people who voted for the president and that it would be “extremely patriotic” for Mr. Trump to resign from office.

The president’s son fired back last Thursday by saying that Mr. Stern is “pathetic for attacking Trump supporters,” and he described the radio host’s remarks as “total bulls—-.”

“Hollywood Howard is such a neutered shell of his former self that he’s now attacking blue collar Trump supporters, in a desperate attempt to be relevant again. Stern from 20 yrs ago would be embarrassed by today’s PC version,” Mr. Trump Jr. said last week on Twitter.

Mr. Stern subsequently poked fun Tuesday morning at the first son in addition to his younger brother, Eric Trump, in light of the latter recently claiming the novel coronavirus pandemic will “magically” end once the president’s reelection campaign is over.

“How do you argue with that kind of wit and intelligence?” Mr. Stern asked unseriously.

Seemingly referring again to Mr. Trump Jr. later during the show, Mr. Stern added: “I only pray to God that his comments will impress his father, and his father will give him love.”

Mr. Trump Jr., 42, slammed Mr. Stern on Twitter later Tuesday in a tweet where he included a link to this article.

“It must kill Hollywood Howard to know that more people will see this tweet than listen to his show,” he tweeted. “That’s what happens when you turn your back on your working class fanbase & bend your knee to the same MSM you used to mock.

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