- The Washington Times - Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Tucker Carlson said Americans might as well have gone to a county fair with rigged “milk bottle” games on Election Day.

The Fox News host covered 2020 presidential election chaos Monday by addressing a range of issues, which he says is a travesty for voters looking for free and fair elections.

“‘We are going to find that people did illegally vote. That’s going to happen,’” the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” host said while paraphrasing a Georgia election official. “That is the official account before even counting the votes from a key swing state in the middle of a contested election. And, of course, you can believe it because we’ve already found illegal voting. So much for those claims that ‘voter fraud never happens!’ Of course it happens. They knew it happened when they told us it would never happen because they’re liars.”

Mr. Carlson said that it did not appear, as of now, that enough fraud took place to lift President Trump above Democrat Joseph R. Biden for a win, but that it was important for officials to “get to the bottom of what just happened and you’ve got to do it as quickly and as responsibly as you can.”

The host said that journalists and pundits have opted for “shut up and accept Joe Biden” messaging instead of a fact-finding mission for the truth about possible mail-in voting fraud, clerical errors and software glitches that benefited Mr. Biden.

“Let’s sum it up,” he said. “Here’s the point. We don’t know how many votes were stolen on Tuesday night. We don’t know anything about the software that many say was rigged. We don’t know. We ought to find out. But here’s what we do know. On a larger level, at the highest levels, actually, our system isn’t what we thought it was. It’s not as fair as it should be. Not even close. Sorry, hate to say that. It’s the milk bottles at the fair. They knew you were coming. They laughed at you when you left. We wish that wasn’t true — but it is true — and you are not crazy for knowing it. You’re right.”

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