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A columnist with The Week, Damon Linker, just wrote a piece with this title: “Trump is a demonic force in American politics.”

President Donald Trump is demonic? Seriously?

Trump is biblical all right, but not in the way the left sees it. Rather, an Isaiah 5:20 way.

“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” this passage reads, complete with exclamation point.

The application is this: Trump, if nothing else, has shined a light in the dark corners of deep state politics, outing the nefarious forces who’ve been busily, in secret, undercutting America’s Constitution, America’s democratic-republic, America’s sovereignty.

Think John Brennan, the former CIA director under Barack Obama — the former Communist Party supporter, during his 1976 Gus Hall voting days.

Brennan, who sparked this headline from The Guardian in 2014: “CIA director John Brennan lied to you and to the Senate. Fire him.”

Think James Clapper, former director of national intelligence, under Barack Obama, who sparked this headline from The Washington Post: “Darrell Issa: James Clapper lied to Congress about NSA and should be fired.”

Think Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, former FBI agent and former FBI lawyer, respectively, under Barack Obama, who sparked this headline from The New York Post: “Anti-Trump FBI agents Lisa Page, Peter Strzok lied about affair, book claims.”

Think Andrew McCabe, former FBI deputy director, under Barack Obama, who sparked this headline from the Heritage Foundation in April of 2018: “Andrew McCabe Lied. So Will the FBI Apply the Same Rules Against Him That It Applies to All of Us?”

Think James Comey. Think Russia collusion. Think all the Democrats and members of the media who played along with the Big Lie called Russia collusion.

The list goes on.

The point is this: The left called all these liars and alleged liars and suspected liars good — good, reputable, honorable, for-the-American-people humble public servants.

Trump outed them as not-so-good.

Now the American people know U.S. intelligence, U.S. national security, U.S. top law enforcement brass, aren’t all they claim to be. And that sunshine is due entirely to Donald Trump and his battle against these not so good types.

For that, Trump’s been vilified.

But he’s been vilified by the very bad actors he’s outed, as well as by the support system that’s propped up and aided and abetted the bad actors, quietly, secretly, almost silently, throughout the years.

That’s the flipping of good for evil; the calling of darkness as light; the labeling of bitter as sweet.

That’s Linker in The Week.

“If I were still a believing Christian,” he wrote, “I might be tempted to think that Donald Trump is Satan himself. … What makes Trump demonic? One thing above all: His willingness, even eagerness, to do serious, potentially fatal, damage to something beautiful, noble, fragile and rare, purely to satisfy his own emotional needs. That something is American self-government. Trump can’t accept losing, can’t accept rejection, and savors provoking division. … That is a satanic impulse.”

That’s rich.

That’s a rich definition of a guy who spent his entire administration, on the heels of entire presidential campaigns, two of them, talking about the need to put America First — and who did just what he promised over the past three-and-a-half years. Trump put America first; he outed the globalist cockroaches from the dark corners; he demanded foreign nations, particularly China, play second fiddle to America’s first; he fought tooth and nail against an active, vicious and determined political and media machine to keep his America First agenda alive and well.

And when election questions and red flags and puzzling counts and curious reports surface, and he wants to investigate?

He’s called “satanic.”

He’s called a “demon.”

He’s called “Satan himself.”

Trump may be a lot of things. But evil is not one of them. And those who view him that way only reveal the evil within themselves.

Once again, Trump’s shining the light on the dark corners.

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