- The Washington Times - Thursday, November 12, 2020

Ibram X. Kendi says President Trump is a fighter for “the soul of injustice” within America and his focus on “legal” votes is “functionally racist.”

The author of “How to Be an Anti-Racist” took to The Atlantic and Twitter this week to opine on the 2020 election and the two warring “souls” of America destined to battle no matter who his president.

“The term ‘legal vote’ is as fictionally fraught and functionally racist as the terms ‘illegal alien’ and ‘race-neutral’ and ‘welfare queen’ and ‘handouts’ and ‘super predator’ and ‘crack baby’ and ‘personal responsibility’ and ‘post-racial,’” Mr. Kendi recently tweeted.

The author’s comment comes against a political backdrop in which Mr. Trump has filed lawsuits in swing states over allegations of widespread voter fraud.

Mr. Kendi, who also serves as director of the Center for Antiracist Research at Boston University, framed the president’s behavior as evidence of the “divide in America between the souls of injustice and justice.”

“[It’s like] souls in opposition like fire and ice, like voters and voter subtraction, like Trump and truth,” he wrote in an op-ed published Wednesday. “The soul of injustice breathes genocide, enslavement, inequality, voter suppression, bigotry, cheating, lies, individualism, exploitation, denial, and indifference to it all. This is the soul that aggressively attacked […] voters as fraudulent while its suppression policies made it harder to vote.”

Presumptive president-elect Joe Biden, however, was likened to an agent for “justice.”

“Obama and Trump did not poison the American soul any more than Biden can heal it,” Mr. Kendi added. “Trump battled for the soul of injustice, and the voters sent him home. Soon, President Biden can battle for the soul of justice.”

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