- - Wednesday, November 18, 2020

It appears that once again Joe Biden and the Democratic ideal of tax-and-spend plans lack understanding of how to stimulate the economy (“Divided Dems agree: Repeal Trump tax cuts for Biden’s big-spending agenda,” Nov. 16). They are ignoring the fact that the Republican 2017 cuts were converted into capital investing dollars for small, minority-owned businesses such as mine. It also included tax credits to bring businesses back into this country.

For example, in 2019 we realized that much of our health-care-supply network had been shipped overseas, which slowed down the initial COVID-19 response. Getting that back, in addition to all the new infrastructure-construction jobs of the past four years, is how to bring those jobs back into this country. Mr. Biden’ big-spending agenda is just the updated version of the Obama playbook on tax-and-spend that resulted in a huge waste of taxpayer dollars.

So we’ve seen this before. Democrats come in and waste money on ineffective social programs that don’t address issues such as homelessness and the mental health crisis, but increase the number of people relying on government assistance.

Maybe the Democrats should educate themselves on economics that describe and identify tax and reinvestment tools to motivate big businesses to expand and develop economic partnerships with small businesses in this country. Mr. Biden and the Democrats need to stop treating the wealthy members of this country as some bad element out to steal from the rest of us. Remember, the poor can’t create jobs, but the wealthy businesspeople can — and in so doing elevate people out of poverty.



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