- - Tuesday, October 27, 2020

I was conflicted whether or not to devote this column to a closing argument for President Trump. His success on the issues alone should be enough for the majority of Americans to excitedly vote him in for a second term.

But the times we live in are not normal; they are replete with a Democratic propaganda machine serviced by a majority of American media, fraud and a deliberate attempt to cause chaos with mass mail-in voting. It is an establishment machine working 24/7 trying to convince people not to trust their lying eyes.

For Mr. Trump, his first term had to deal with the unfolding reality that the establishment itself tried to remove him from office using a fake Russia dossier hoax, facilitated by a compromised legacy media. They knew his success in the White House would reveal the establishment grifters for the frauds that they have been for decades.

Despite all the attempts to thwart him, Mr. Trump did not become distracted or consumed with a hate that would keep him from focusing on his work. Instead, he continued to think of America first. He won in 2016 because of the issues. Immigration reform, law and order, the economy, jobs, and returning America to its natural station of strength and preeminence on the world stage.

In other words, Mr. Trump promised to get our great nation back on its feet, creating futures for all of our families that were in our hands, not crushed by the paws of big government. And he succeeded.

He made and kept his promises on jobs, law and order and reforming the justice system. He promised the appointment of judges who were beholden to the Constitution, not to partisan politics. The economy he created was the best, not just that this nation has ever seen, but that the world has ever known.

And while we lament what could have happened with that magnificent economic trajectory had the pandemic not been unleashed onto the world by the Chinese Communist Party, we were able to take the action required to react to a shocking and invisible viral enemy specifically because the nation had the resources created by Mr. Trump’s economic agenda.

That optimism is also fueling our recovery which the left insisted could not happen. Not only is it happening, but at a record pace, now dubbed on “Trump Time.” And this is only because we know what Donald Trump can accomplish because we’ve seen it happen in real time.

What we’ve seen Mr. Trump accomplish has been historic in many ways on many fronts. We know that his extraordinary foreign policy has led us to the first Middle East peace deals in over a quarter of a century. Securing beneficial relationships between Israel and its neighbors takes us closer to a future without a nuclear exchange in that region, impacting the world over.

Mr. Trump, with an unprecedented commitment to transparency, has always simply been himself. Starting with the ride down the golden escalator in the Trump building announcing his candidacy and through the 2016 primary campaigning, many of us saw a shift from a famous man taking on another project, to an American man falling in love with the country.

I was at first opposed to Mr. Trump during the 2016 primary season. And it was fascinating to experience being won over; won over by his argument on the issues; won over by his experience and ability to do what he promised to do; won over by his genuine passion wanting to lift us up, we the forgotten man and woman. I was won over by a man who wanted to be president not for himself, but for everyone else.

Even if 2020 was the first time that Mr. Trump was running for the presidency, he would still be the best and only man for the job. The situation we are in now, post-pandemic with the economic impact worldwide, requires a man who knows how to fix it, and improve upon it. Now we do not have to guess as we did in 2016 whether or not Mr. Trump will deliver. He has already. And he will again.

I’ve had the pleasure being able to say this directly to the president, and I’ll repeat it to you: He is the right man at the right time. There is no other individual on earth who could lead this nation not just out of a pandemic, but also understand the importance of not bending to the leftist mobs attempting to burn down our nation and its potential.

The Democrats are trying to hide their intentions, but only partially. Joe Biden’s closing argument at the last debate was that we were all facing a “dark winter.” Their narrative is one of destruction, lockdowns, cities burning, and misery. It is a scenario requiring a massive government because, in the Democratic world, we are incompetent infants, unable to run our own lives.

The Donald Trump vision is that America is the best place on earth, that it is not only worth saving but is being saved, and still stands as the shining city on a hill for people the world over. We are the hope for humanity requiring a leader who looks up to us, not down on us.

Donald Trump represents that optimistic, confident vision and knows how to make it all possible. The first time we elected him it was on a wing and a prayer that he would be able to deliver what we thought he could. I now proudly vote for him a second time because he is, still, exactly the right man at the right time.

• Tammy Bruce, president of Independent Women’s Voice, author and Fox News contributor, is a radio talk-show host.

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