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Celebrity activist Mark Ruffalo saw a “prime example of white male supremacy” when he sat down to watch Vice President Mike Pence debate Democratic challenger Sen. Kamala Harris Wednesday evening.

The outspoken liberal actor’s take received mixed reviews on social media due to its many implications.

“Just going over it all in my head,” he wrote of the Salt Lake City vice presidential debate showdown. “The way Mike Pence constantly interrupted and spoke over @KamalaHarris was the prime example of white male supremacy and its common dismissal and disrespect for black woman.”

At issue for the celebrity’s readers was fact that Ms. Harris had more speaking time than Mr. Pence, along with the general consensus that both candidates were civil.

Ms. Harris did, however, claim that she was being unfairly interrupted at times. An example from their exchange on taxes went as follows: 

Harris: “Joe Biden has been very clear. He will not raise taxes on anybody who makes less than $400,000 a year –

Pence: “He said he’s gonna appeal the Trump tax cuts –”

Harris: “Mr. Vice President I’m speaking.”

Pence: “Well –”

Harris: “I’m speaking.”

Pence: “It’d be important if you said the truth. Joe Biden said twice in the debate last week that he’s going to repeal the Trump tax cuts. That was tax cuts that gave the average working family $2,000 in a tax break every single year –”

Harris: “That is – That is absolutely not true.”

Pence: “Senator, that’s the math.”

Mr. Ruffalo’s critics maintained that such back-and-forth was in no way emblematic of a “prime example of white male supremacy,” and that it does the California Democrat a disservice to suggest she was dominated by the Republican.

“It’s a debate,” responded one reader. “That’s what happens. And when she was cutting him off, was that OK?”

“Between this and the naked video, you’re on fire this week with the parody,” added Bridget Phetasy, a reference to the actor’s collaboration with other celebrities to raise awareness of “naked ballots.”

For the publicity stunt, Mr. Ruffalo, Chris Rock, and other entertainers took off all their clothes while instructing citizens how to properly fill out mail-in ballots.

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