- The Washington Times - Tuesday, September 8, 2020

President Trump told a Southern audience on Tuesday night that the Left’s cancel culture is wrong to eradicate Confederate statues, vowing “they’ll never take away our past.”

Speaking to thousands of supporters at the Winston-Salem airport in North Carolina, Mr. Trump said U.S. schoolchildren deserve “a patriotic education.”

“The first thing they [liberals] do is they want to take your history away,” Mr. Trump said. “That’s why the monuments and the statues, they want to knock them down. The first thing they do is take away your guts. They take away your statues, they take away your heroes, they take away your great generals, they take away your past.”

He went on, “And I said it was going to happen. I said … they started off with generals, and colonels and others that nobody ever heard of, and I thought that was bad. And then they went up a little bit, and I said, ‘someday it’s going to be Robert E. Lee, someday it’s going to be Washington. Someday it’s going to be Lincoln, someday it’s going to be Jefferson, someday it’s going to be Benjamin Franklin,’ it’s all of them.”

“It’s all of them — they take away your past,” Mr. Trump said.

Then he vowed, “They’re never taking away our past. We’ll teach our children to love our country, honor our history and always respect our great American flag.”

The crowd roared its approval.

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