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With the Biden catastrophe continuing to unfold in Afghanistan, a fascinating dance is happening here at home. So many people who supported and covered for Joe Biden during his absurd basement campaign, deliberately ignoring all the signs that he was not capable of being president, are now appalled and shocked by the catastrophe of Afghanistan.  

Who could’ve known? Everyone, that’s who, including those who helped to usher in this unmitigated fiasco of a presidency. Many of us warned from the start that assisting this charade would be a disaster for the country and beyond. For those who chose to ignore that because they wanted personal revenge for hurt feelings or because Mr. Trump’s victory threatened to ruin their grand career plans or imagined legacy, condemning Mr. Biden now will not bring redemption. This shocking debacle facing the world is also on them, and they know it.  

The myriad of disasters facing this country is not surprising, considering the president’s cognitive problems and the leftist grip on the Democratic Party. One doesn’t need to be Einstein to recognize electing a barely cognizant man heading a party that spins itself in circles trying not to offend or upset “The Squad” was not going to end well.  

Mr. Biden’s initial frenzy to reverse all of what Mr. Trump had accomplished should have been the first signal to everyone that something other than doing what was best for America was afoot. Petty and childish revenge pushed out the apparently outmoded concept of serious, deliberative leadership focused on America’s best interests. 

We saw the collapse of reason and logic on every issue: Border security, energy independence, the economy, COVID-19, crime, and God help us, foreign policy. Afghanistan is not a one-off problem, as though the entire administration tripped on a log as they were planning the withdrawal. No, it’s one more example of a completely inept and bungling clutch of fools setting this country on fire.  

Mr. Biden’s problems and the charade to remove Mr. Trump was given legitimacy by certain Republicans looking for that most basic of personal obsessions: Revenge. A compliant media whistling past the theater of the absurd assisted in the fraud. Their lack of curiosity, questions, or serious demands for more access, the dearth of critical stories highlighting the strange nature of the basement campaign, and bizarre refusal to ask serious questions about Mr. Biden‘s cognitive state was accepted by Americans as a statement by omission that everything was okay.  

It’s been amazing to watch politicians on both sides of the aisle creating their own little cottage industry of hating President Donald Trump. Many positioned their opposition to Mr. Trump as some moral imperative, while others carried a general torch of loathing. That hatred and claim of moral superiority also served as attacks on the patriotism and decency of Mr. Trump’s supporters, also known as 75 million Americans.  

The Afghanistan debacle is so complete we are now being told by the government that “thousands” of Americans and untold numbers of Afghans who supported our work for 20 years will be left behind. Stranded, if you will. The Daily Caller reports Biden’s administration is now set to knowingly abandon at least 8,000 American citizens behind enemy terrorist lines, including Taliban, al-Qaeda, and ISIS. This is within 2 weeks of the 20th anniversary of the September 11th attacks.

Instead of doing their job and watching out for the catastrophe the Biden administration was planning for us in Afghanistan, Republicans Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger decided to jump into the political theatre of the so-called “January 6 Commission,” completely missing what many are calling the most serious foreign policy and security debacle in our nation’s history.  

Now, their political effort to use the riot as an effort to obscenely smear Mr. Trump and his supporters as insurrectionists and terrorists has hit a road bump. Reuters is reporting within the last week, the FBI has determined that no, the Capitol riot wasn’t an insurrection and that it was not the result of an ‘organized plot’ to overturn the election.  

Everyone who has been distracted by their personal agenda regarding Mr. Trump should be ashamed of themselves and consider that perhaps the presidency isn’t the toy of the establishment, but a position determining the safety and future for hundreds of millions of Americans and is the only beacon of light and freedom for people the world over.  

From the basement start, looking away from the disaster that is Mr. Biden has already caused extraordinary harm to the nation, which will likely take generations to repair. Those responsible because they were controlled by hatred, jealousy and revenge should admit their responsibility and apologize. In the face of this disaster, the Democrats and their GOP and media enablers should immediately stop their idiotic scorched earth rhetoric and policies they thought would only nail Mr. Trump and his supporters.  

This madness, brought to us by malignantly narcissistic politicians and an establishment drowning in Groupthink, must stop right now. It has led us to an inconceivable American tragedy and monumental human catastrophe. Trump haters may not be able to stop themselves. Still, now at the very least, the American people must choose to make them irrelevant in the face of the horrific consequences of business as usual.  

• Tammy Bruce, the author, host at Fox Nation, and contributor at Fox News is a radio talk-show host. 

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