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Dr. Anthony Fauci wants “anybody and everybody that is coming into the country” to get a coronavirus test within 24 hours — but not those captured crossing into America illegally.

“That’s a different issue,” he said.

Don’t you know, you stupid, stupid people, science is for Democrats to dictate; Americans to obey; and illegals to do as they wish?

“Traveling Internationally? Travel Requirements have changed,” the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention writes on its website.

First off, “do not travel internationally until you are fully vaccinated.” Second off, mask wearing, even for the vaccinated, is a must, must, must. Third off, those traveling to the United States — and yes, that means you, Joe Q. Citizen — must show proof of vaccination within three days of travel; but if not vaccinated, must show proof of negative COVID-19 with a test that was taken within one day of travel; and must take a COVID-19 test within five days of arriving in the United States. That’s the fed reg; states and locals, of course, have different rules they’ve piled on to the CDC’s — all of which must be abided and obeyed as well.

So for citizens, the science says that even though you’re vaccinated and vaccinations are supposedly oh-so-effective, you must still wear a mask while on the plane, while boarding the plane, while hanging out at the airport waiting to board the plane; you must be vaccinated to board — except if you’re not vaccinated — but even then you have to get tested for COVID-19 before and after the flight. The vaccines are oh-so-effective, but not so oh-so-effective that you can’t get the coronavirus while on board an airplane, surrounded by other people who are vaccinated and who have shown negative COVID-19 test results, and who are wearing face masks (the same face masks the U.S. health officials, at one time, deemed even more protective of the coronavirus than the vaccines).

Cue Alice smoking the hookah.

But the curious grows curiouser and curiouser when the standards are applied to illegals. Which is to say: they’re not.

“That’s a different issue,” Fauci says.

Yes. That’s the issue where the White House claims coronavirus testing is conducted at the border, but really, it’s not. It’s not mandated and regulated and overseen in the same manner as with card-carrying American citizens.

Illegal border crossers may be tested, may not be tested, may be shipped by government bureaucrats to a community near you, at taxpayer cost, and set up in hotels near you, at taxpayer cost — with, without COVID-19 tests; with, without COVID-19 infections. Whatever. 

“That’s a different issue,” as Fauci says.

It only seems puzzling if you believe the government is actually committed to advancing and implementing the best scientific practices regarding COVID-19.

Once it’s seen that it’s all about control — all about advancing a far-leftist agenda while tearing down the constructs of traditional, lawful, constitutional and liberty-minded American society — it all makes sense.

Science is what the leftists say it is.

Accept that, and all becomes clear.

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