Most shooting incidents occur in “gun-free” zones — areas targeted by criminals, terrorists and people with mental-health issues (“4 shot in Denver rampage attacked at tattoo shops,” Web, Dec. 29).

What if there was a person who could have legally carried a gun at these places? The results may have been different.

Want to prevent these incidents? Use metal detectors. Are they inconvenient and expensive? Yes. But metal detectors are probably 99% or more effective at detecting the presence of guns. How many mass shootings have occurred in court houses or airports? Mass shooters are criminals, and many likely have mental-health issues. They were loners, were bullied, had poor upbringings, etc. More resources must be alloted to mental-health facilities in order to deal with such people.

This country has over 100 million gun owners (and over 350 million guns). Most are legitimate, sane, vetted people. Unfortunately laws target legitimate gun owners, not criminals, because criminals do not obey gun laws.

Why do anti-gun groups always propose more laws and confiscation rather than measures that address mental health, or measures such as metal detectors that can prevent mass shootings?

‘More guns, less crime’ is accurate. What’s really unfortunate is that guns are used every day, throughout the country, to stop robberies, prevent home invasions and protect people from possible harm, yet the media doesn’t cover these incidents. It is only interested in events that support its anti-gun agenda.


Oak Park, Calif.

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