- The Washington Times - Wednesday, February 10, 2021

President Joe Biden promised the American people he would “follow the science.”

So far, his administration has:

1)     Sided with the teachers’ unions against students and families in reopening schools;

2)     Reinstated a European travel ban, but opened our Southern border to migrants and illegal aliens;

3)     Signed an executive order requiring biological boys be allowed to compete against girls in high school sports.

It was never about science folks, it’s about power and control.

Yesterday, Press Secretary Jen Psaki clarified what the Biden administration meant by its “goal” of having schools open by March: Fifty percent of classrooms operating in-person at least one day a week.

Give me a break. That’s about where we are today.

Let’s be clear: COVID-19 poses less risk to children than the flu.

Last week, the head of the Center for Disease Control said teachers don’t need to get vaccinated against COVID-19 before schools can safely reopen. A study from the CDC published last month found little evidence of the virus spreading in schools if appropriate precautions were taken.

Yet teachers’ unions – who donated more money to Biden than any other candidate in 2020 – have refused to go back to work, citing phony health concerns.

Not surprisingly, the Biden administration has caved to their demands and is trying to gaslight the American people on the actual science of reopening.

Last week, Psaki tried to spin the CDC director’s remarks by saying they were made in her personal capacity (they were not; they were made at a White House task force meeting) and Biden’s chief of staff Ron Klain discounted the CDC study on national television by saying it was only applicable to rural schools.

Politics, not science.

Speaking of which – it makes absolute zero sense to shut down travel from Europe, which Biden did through executive order because of fears of the virus spreading, while simultaneously opening up our Southern border to anyone who wants to cross.

Biden, through his executive orders, has dismantled Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” program that forces asylum seekers to wait in Mexico as the U.S. processes their cases, has all but ceased deportations, and has reinstated catch and release.

As a result, there has been a surge in border crossings, with no way the U.S. can track or trace how many are infected with COVID-19.

Biden‘s immigration reversals are absolute lunacy – if one is actually concerned about the spread of COVID-19. But for Biden, once again the politics dominate – the sweet revenge of reversing signature Trump immigration policies.

This leads us to the last example: An executive order allowing biological males to directly compete with their female counterparts in athletics.

There is no science in this call. It’s a political play to the progressive left in Biden’s party to advance trans-rights that will all but finish women’s sports.

According to the Wall Street Journal, all-female contests will be “rigged” because “contests of strength and speed, the athletic chasm between the sexes, which opens at puberty, is both permanent and unbridgeable. Once male puberty is complete, testosterone suppression doesn’t undo the biological advantages men possess larger hearts, lungs and bones, greater bone density, more-oxygenated blood, more fast-twitch muscle fiber and vastly greater muscle mass.”

Girls won’t have a chance.

So much for “following the science.”

Kelly Sadler is Commentary editor of The Washington Times.

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