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Democrats think they’re stamping out President Donald Trump from the American consciousness by first, erasing his presence from social media; second, impeaching him into shame so great he’ll want to stay out of the public arena; and third, going after all his supporters in a similar manner so that the entire MAGA movement is left shaking and trembling in boots, too scared to speak, too frustrated to vote.

But what the Democrats are really doing is making Trump into a victim. More than that, into a martyr. A political martyr who dared stand by his political views and is now paying an ultimate in political price for it.

You there, grab the stake; Nancy Pelosi’s got the hammer. Meeting’s at Liz Cheney’s house at dawn. 

The left is so savaging this president that only the most ardent of anti-trumpery can seriously see it as his just due. Booting a man off Twitter, off YouTube, off social media platforms for the crime of offensive speech is dangerous enough territory for a free country to engage in and allow and even cheer. But booting the president of the United States?

Silencing POTUS and separating him from direct, unfiltered communication with the people who elected him — and who want to hear from him, minus the whole mainstream media, hate-filled media, attack dog anti-conservative media biases?

That’s un-American.

That’s actually anti-American.

And then kicking him while he’s silenced by drumming up a totally faked, fast-forwarded, rushed and hurried impeachment circus show is just as un-American. Just as anti-American.

A one-day impeachment in the House. That’s not just astonishing.

That’s a painfully obvious political hatchet attack.

The Democrats hated Donald Trump back in his campaign days — and so did many of his own Republican Party.

The Democrats hated Donald Trump during his presidency, and his outing of globalist elitists, his condemnation of foreign entities that were stealing America’s greatness, his pushback against special interests and radical interests and socialist-slash-communist interests that handed U.S. enemies far too much influence and power over U.S. citizens — and so did many Republicans.

The Democrats hated Donald Trump so much they plotted his impeachment before he was even inaugurated — and no doubt, so did many Republicans.

And that’s why he’s being shoved to such muddy sidelines now.

That’s why Democrats and even some Republicans are lining up in droves to sue him, to jail him, to put him somewhere he can never have a voice or stage of influence again.

The Democrats and many Republicans hated Trump — hate Trump — and like hungry wolves and lust-filled demons are firing off every political dart they can to make sure he’s gone, removed, erased. Forgotten.

But even Democrats must know that at a certain point, an attack becomes so over-the-top, so uncalled-for, so brutal that even those initially in support of the attack start to see the brutality as unwarranted. Their instincts tell them they went too far. They start to feel a bit of shock, even remorse, at what they’ve done. The larger public sees the outrage and unrighteous treatment for what it is — outrageous and unrighteous.

It’s at that point, the victim becomes a martyr.

This is where Democrats are leading with Trump. They’re turning him into a political martyr. And the more Democrats and some Republicans attack, the more Trump’s base of support of uniting, growing, strengthening — and preparing for comeback.

The left always overplays its hand.

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