- The Washington Times - Monday, January 18, 2021

To lean in on the words of Donald John Trump, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. is a “swamp” creature, a member of the silent generation who’s waded in Washington waters since 1973.

And now, since winning the 2020 presidential election, he gets to hang around for another four years.

And if he shows up at a baseball game, don’t worry. He at least knows how to pitch and hit a ball, so the Washington Nationals will have plenty of fans to look forward to this fall — not just boo former President Donald Trump.

Policies are an entirely different matter.

One of the first policy moves is to ensure a national Biden mask policy, something he couldn’t get Mr. Trump to deploy.

Uncle Joe was never a huge fan of federal school desegregation. It wasn’t that he was anti-Black, it’s that he was reared in a faith, Roman Catholicism, that didn’t want local, state or federal governments or the courts to order them around — like they try to today.

Recall, this cat was born and reared in hard-scrabble Scranton, Pennsylvania, and the Biden family was like other families who raised and took care of their own. Sometimes the family had money, sometimes it didn’t.

Uncle Joe attended Catholic schools, college and law school. Like Mr. Trump, he flopped between Republicans and Democrats before landing with the Democrats in Delaware. He found a comfortable niche with backslapping and grins among the Democratic Party.

In 1972, he won the junior Senate seat for Delaware, and that same year his wife and young daughter were killed in a car wreck, and sons Beau and Hunter were injured.

Mr. Biden was admirable, returning home during the evening to be with his boys.

By the time he had stretched his years to the Obama-Biden presidential ticket in 2008, the Secret Service had become his chauffeurs, and Mr. Biden took charge of where he went and how. No sirens and flashing lights allowed, for the most part.

That’s the short story of Uncle Joe — and at this junction from the sway, it’s not worth a four-part Lifetime version.

But that’s coming. Kamala D. Harris fans will see to that.

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