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Radio and podcast great Michael Savage, in an exclusive interview with Donald Trump, asked the former president if he agreed that the country was “melting down” under the Democrat President Biden, and the paraphrased answer — perhaps not so surprisingly — was yes, yes and yes again.

But even that’s an understatement.

Savage: “What we are is a passive assemblage of losers. The nation has been destroyed by the Biden gang. The borders are busted. The economy’s in shambles. Gasoline has gone from $3.50 to $5 a gallon in California. The Middle East had a war. What else has happened? There’s been a minority crime wave under Biden. … COVID is spreading under Biden owing to the illegal aliens being bussed across the border. Borders, language and culture have been destroyed. In only a few months.”

Truth hurts, as they say.

America, in just the short span of time since Trump left the White House, has seen a border that’s been thrust open and exploited; a global community that’s rubbed hands in glee at the potential to exploit; and a batch of unleashed Democrats who even now are moving to the next phase of the coronavirus to — you guessed it — exploit. We’ve gone from Commander-in-Chief to Wielder of the Ice Cream Cone. The previous strengths of the previous administration and previous president have all given way to the mumbling, bumbling, stumbling buffoonery of the too-weak-for-words Biden chain of leadership, which seems to be comprised solely of capitulation to the far left.

As the late Rodney Dangerfield might say: We can’t get no respect.

As the always incisive Savage and insightful Trump agreed: The media are much to blame.

“We don’t have an open and free media anymore,” Trump said.

“It was the media that created this vermin in the White House,” Savage said.

“The country is melting down,” Savage said.

“It is. It is,” Trump said. “It’s the beginning of communism.”

Democrats may scoff. But even the Democratic-controlled press can’t cover up completely all the bungles of this White House. For example: “Rising restaurant prices show inflation challenge for Biden, Fed,” The Washington Post just wrote. And this: “Inflation is here. The Delta variant could make it worse,” CNN just wrote. And this: “Back to ‘70s inflation? How Biden’s spending spree will hurt your wallet,” The Hill just wrote. And this: “More U.S. Inflation Pressure to Come From Seniors’ Income Boost,” Bloomberg just wrote. And this: “Inflation will cause grocery prices to rise even higher by October,” Fox News just wrote, citing a financial whiz who predicts a food price hike of at least 5% on the horizon. Rising gas prices, rising food prices, rising lumber prices, rising used car prices, rising energy prices. These are facts that cannot be easily spun – though attempts are made.

“Lumber, gas, wheat, coal and corn cost more in April 2021 ‘in Joe Biden‘s America’ than they did a year before,” blared forth on PolitiFact headline, from a May post on Facebook. And the fact-checking site’s finding? “Yes, prices are higher under Biden, but recovery from pandemic is key reason,” fact-checkers wrote. Great. Great – except now under Biden the coronavirus, in all its variant forms, is on the uptick once again. Due in large part, as Savage and Trump noted, to Biden’s open-door policy to unvaccinated, untested, uncleared-for-legal-travel illegals at the border. America indeed is “melting down” under this White House.

And here’s the really sad part: We’re only seven months in; Biden still has years to go.

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