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Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida has just come under fire — again — from leftists who say his insistence on a return to school absent any face mask requirements is a danger to the nation.

Well, memo to all who are on the fence about face masks: They aren’t going to go away until the people of the United States make them go away. DeSantis is not the enemy here. Politicized, weaponized science is the real threat.

The power of the face mask mandates rests with the people.

How else to explain the unscientifically sound lunacy of requiring face masks for those who’ve been vaccinated — for those who’ve already had COVID-19 — for those who’ve previously tested positive for the coronavirus, and supposedly have a natural immunity?

Medical bureaucrats say the vaccine isn’t 100% effective and to be safe and sure and certain that you’re not spreading the coronavirus to others, you ought to keep the mask in place. On face. Two, if possible. Medical bureaucrats also say the vaccine is effective and that those who have been vaccinated don’t need to wear the face mask.

Medical bureaucrats also say that children aren’t prone to catch the coronavirus or to suffer serious health problems if they do catch the coronavirus, so face masking of children is hardly necessary. Medical bureaucrats also say that children should be face masked anyway because they’re pesky little carriers of the coronavirus and just because they won’t suffer, they could unwittingly pass the virus on to Grandma Jane — or worse, Geraldo Rivera’s children.

Medical bureaucrats also say the face mask is the best protection citizens have against spreading the coronavirus — but that the vaccines are the best way to stop the spread of the coronavirus, and that combined with hand washing and a collective agreement to stop singing in church, that the coronavirus can be eradicated and a return to normalcy achieved. But the face masks should be worn anyway. Just in case. Two, if possible.

See where this is headed?

“Calls for universal mask mandate reach Biden admin as 2 major cities reinstate rule,” Fox News reported in a recent headline.

Of course there’s a return to universal mask mandates on the horizon.

The science is leading that way. And by science, it’s meant Not Science.

But better safe than sorry.

After all, if the science is not really science, and the medical bureaucrats are in constant conflict and issuing random, non-scientific science, what’s left is the better-safe-than-sorry approach. And that guarantees: Face masks will never go away until the citizens of the United States say no more — until the citizens collectively insist on truthful, real, genuine scientific standards. At what point can face masks be removed? Seriously. Americans want and deserve an answer that’s based on more than “when we say so.”

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