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The essence of critical race theory would teach my three bi-racial children that I, their Black father, am oppressed by America’s history of White supremacy and that their mother, my wife, is my oppressor. 

But, what does that mean for my children? Does half of them qualify as oppressed, and the other half count as the oppressor? Unfortunately, the jury is still out on answering these obscure questions. 

Critical race theory is divisive at its core. This movement to indoctrinate our children is the definition of reverse racism and spits in the face of the Civil Rights Movement led by American heroes such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Those proposing this wicked curriculum would like to live in an America where every American is judged based on the color of their skin and not the content of their character, which, if I remember my history correctly, is the complete opposite of the teachings of Dr. King and decades of civil rights progress and commitment to creating a more perfect union. Today, radical leftists are upending this longstanding American virtue to push this un-American and divisive agenda. 

If the issue were that American schools aren’t teaching the complete and accurate history to our school children, then I’d agree wholeheartedly, but that is not what CRT peddlers are saying. The Marxist race hustlers and charlatans at the New York Times and in the Democrat Party aren’t in the business of pushing for equity; they are in the business of division. The truth is neither side should advocate for the cherry-picking of American history — neither for nor against our country. Instead, we need a balanced scale that accurately depicts our past, the good, bad, and ugly, that also rightly points out the tremendous progress of our nation. 

CRT has nothing to do with accurately presenting history. Instead, this partisan ideology has one goal in mind, to destroy America from within by indoctrinating our youth and redamaging America’s Achilles’ heel, race relations. President Abraham Lincoln famously said that America could never fall from the outside, stating, “If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher.” Unfortunately, the devastating reality is that the Democrat party, the media, and un-American people such as George Soros are writing the closing chapter of America’s destiny.

We need to stop the spread of CRT, but unlike the spread of the global pandemic we continue to battle, a mask nor a vaccine can prevent the liberals from spreading this hateful ideology. Many may ask, well, Congressman, what will stop it? The answer is simple, Y-O-U. 

As proud Americans and loving parents who don’t need their children learning that all White people are racist and that our Founding Fathers created the most irredeemable nation on the face of the planet, we have to take a stand immediately. Unfortunately, CRT advocates have the wind at their backs; the media supports it, leftist politicians advocate for it, and Big Tech is working pro bono for any and every liberal cause. Those of us that acknowledge America’s past realize we are a far better nation than we were 50, 60, 100 years ago, and although we aren’t always the loudest in the room, we have unwavering courage in defense of America, and it’s time to stand up to the Left’s attempt to cancel our great nation. 

Since CRT has taken shape, we have seen tremendous courage from former President Trump, who advocated for the 1776 Commission and honored our history while promising never to repeat the darkest periods of it. We also see ordinary Americans like Loudoun County Virginia teacher Tanner Cross, who stood by his faith and science in standing up against transgender policies that would allow biological males to participate in women’s sports. I also commend moms like Keisha King from Duval County, Florida, who issued an impassioned testimony against CRT saying teaching CRT in schools is “not the truth.” Also, organizations like Fight For Schools have also mobilized and engaged parents in making their voices heard and demand their officials work for them and their children’s future.

No city, county, or state in America is immune from this growing anti-American virus, my home state of Florida is dealing with the spread of CRT as well. My alma mater, The Florida State University, recently scrapped plans to hold a course titled “The History of Karen: Weaponizing White Womanhood.” On Florida’s West Coast, Sarasota County Public Schools showed children a controversial Black Lives Matter video on the popular educational forum BrainPop. I applaud Gov. Ron DeSantis and the State Board of Education for banning Critical Race Theory from public school classrooms and shielding America’s youth from the corrosive and subjective distortion of American history.   

Whether it’s my home city of Naples, Florida, suburban Virginia, Middle America, or the West Coast, the Left is on a relentless crusade to teach your child America is a racist country. As a Black man in America, our history of slavery, reconstruction, Jim Crow, and the Civil Rights Movement is deeply personal. My wife and I teach our children about this history, their schools teach them of this history, and we must continue to teach all children of this. But we cannot use our troubled history as a rubber stamp to hold America hostage from her past sins and as a wedge between White and Black Americans.    

America is not a racist nation. The mother of my children is not a product of White supremacy, and I am not an oppressed Black man in America. 

• Rep. Byron Donalds is an American politician and businessman serving as the U.S. Representative for Florida’s 19th congressional district since 2021.

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