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Rep. Peter Meijer, Michigan Republican, appeared to take aim at Trump-aligned conservatives in a series of Memorial Day tweets that said people looking to “destroy the Republic in order to save it” can go “straight to hell.”

Mr. Meijer, an Iraq War veteran, said late Monday that he struggled with this year’s day of remembrance.

“It’s a reminder of a father, mother, wife, husband, son, daughter gone. Our shared obligation to make this nation worthy of their sacrifice,” he wrote. “And then there are those who take this sacrifice for granted, waxing patriotic while salivating for civil war. Claiming they need to destroy the Republic in order to save it in the ultimate betrayal of oaths sworn. Those treacherous snakes can go straight to hell.”

Mr. Meijer was among 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach former President Trump for his role in inflaming protesters who rioted at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. The congressman also bucked many in his party by voting in favor of a commission to examine the riot.

Mr. Meijer didn’t name anyone, but he seemed to be referring to GOP members who are seeking extreme measures in the wake of Mr. Trump’s November loss.

Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn said over the weekend that a military coup to overthrow the U.S. government “should happen.” He later said his words at a Dallas convention had been twisted out of context.

A Michigan Republican Party co-chair posted a Facebook photo with Brexit leader Nigel Farage last month that suggested Michigan secede from the U.S. in a “MIExit.”

The Michigan Republican Party this year voted down attempts to censure Mr. Meijer and Rep. Fred Upton of Michigan for voting in favor of impeachment.

Mr. Meijer completed his Twitter thread about Memorial Day with a dedication to those who died in service.

“Today & always, remember the fallen and those who loved them. Remember what it was they sacrificed for,” Mr. Meijer wrote. “And remember the need to protect it from the greedy delusions of craven demagogues who’d burn it all down if it meant more power or profit for them.”

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