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Move over, James Brennan. Stay quiet, Mitt Romney. Stick to Netflix and Bruce Springsteen podcasts Barack Obama. This is how you do a Twitter feed as a former high-ranking member of government.

“1,327 days,” tweeted Mike Pompeo, the secretary of State under President Donald Trump.

Coincidentally, that’s the number of days until the next presidential election.

That’s the number of days before America can kiss President Biden goodbye — or is it President Kamala Harris? With Biden, one never knows.

“President Harris,” Biden said, just yesterday, on national news.

“1,327 days,” Pompeo wrote — a comfort among the rising border crisis storm — the one White House press secretary Jen Psaki first acknowledged, then dis-acknowledged.

“Psaki uses ‘crisis’ to describe situation at the border, then walks it back,” Fox News wrote.

“Jen Psaki dangles organized media border tour, corrects herself after calling it a ‘crisis,’” The Daily Mail wrote.

Nothing like getting too close to the truth for comfort! After all, if the Biden White House labels 13,000-plus unaccompanied minors surging into America a “crisis,” that would mean the Biden White House would have to do something to fix the crisis, and that would mean the Biden White House would have to face the failure of the Biden White House immigration policy team.

Isn’t that a big part of how Trump won in the first place — by harping on problems at the border? Why yes, why yes it was. So 2024? To Democrats, 2022 looms even larger at this point.

“1,327 days,” Pompeo reminded.

Actually, according to HowManyDaysUntil.Center, it’s now 1,326 days, 12 hours, 14 minutes and 28 seconds … 26 seconds … 24 … 21 …”


It’s too long.

But it’s good to be reminded that there is an end in sight.

No matter how far off that end seems.

“1,327 days.” That’s a lot of executive orders. That’s a lot of open border surges. That’s a lot of time for China to take over; for Russia to humiliate America; for Iran to build its nuclear arsenal.

Pompeo’s tweet is humorous. But on a serious note: Hopefully, in 1,327 days, there’ll still be an America left for the solution to Biden who’s ultimately elected in 2024 to lead. Thank God for only 1,327 days. But God help us: 1,327 days.

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