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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Georgia Republican, slammed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Saturday and said that she suspects the California Democrat will ultimately support expelling her from Congress.

Mrs. Pelosi said Friday that a resolution to remove Ms. Greene from the U.S. House of Representatives was “not a leadership position,” distancing herself from dozens of other Democrats who support it.

Reacting the next morning, Ms. Greene told Republican strategist Stephen K. Bannon that she believes Mrs. Pelosi could ultimately reverse course later and come out in support of seeing her expelled.

Nancy Pelosi knows she doesn’t have the support to be able to pass the resolution to have me expelled from Congress, so she had to step out and say that leadership on the Democrat side doesn’t support it,” Ms. Greene said on “War Room: Pandemic,” Mr. Bannon’s podcast. “However, they’ve introduced that resolution with 72 co-sponsors and the resolution to expel me from Congress will sit in committee, and they’ll leave it there until they think they’ve built up enough support to bring to the floor and have a vote.”

Rep. Jimmy Gomez, California Democrat, introduced the resolution to expel Ms. Greene early Friday, arguing the congresswoman has “advocated violence against our peers, the Speaker and our government.”

Indeed, Ms. Greene, a first-year congresswoman elected to represent Georgia’s 14th Congressional District, previously expressed support on social media for killing prominent Democrats, including Mrs. Pelosi.

The House accordingly voted 230-199 last month to strip Ms. Greene of her committee assignments, with 11 Republicans joining all Democrats to successfully remove her from a pair of panels.

Expelling a member of Congress has a considerably higher bar, however. Two-thirds of the House would have to vote in favor of the resolution introduced by Mr. Gomez in order to remove Ms. Greene.

Nonetheless, Ms. Greene told Mr. Bannon, who previously served as a chief strategist to former President Trump, that she believes the Democratic majority will wait to see if that support materializes.

“They’re going to keep that resolution to expel me sitting in committee and wait for the opportune time where Nancy Pelosi can say, ‘You know, at first when Jimmy Gomez introduced this and his other co-sponsors, we weren’t really on board. But now we are’,” Ms. Greene told Mr. Bannon.

Ms. Greene blasted Mrs. Pelosi later in the podcast when asked by Mr. Bannon for her opinion on the House speaker recently saying the immigration situation at the Mexican border is “under control.”

Nancy Pelosi is a liar,” Ms. Greene responded. “We all know she’s a liar. She says one thing out of one side of her mouth and then she says something completely different out the other side of her mouth. This is a woman that we cannot trust. This is a woman, you can’t respect her. This is a woman that’s only interested in business as usual in Washington, and that’s destroying America.”

Mrs. Pelosi‘s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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