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Anthony Fauci, the face of of pandemic policy for more than a year, is losing luster with voters — meaning, losing the ability to influence how voters live their lives.

And it’s about time.

No medical bureaucrat should ever hold so much power in America, a country where individual rights and the individual right to self-determine is supposed to reign.

Never again.

Here’s the poll: More than 42% of all voters in a partnered survey from the Convention of States Action and The Trafalgar Group say “confidence in Dr. Fauci has decreased.” That includes about 66% of Republicans; nearly 42% of Independents and 20% of Democrats.

Meanwhile, just over 32% of Democrats say their confidence in Fauci has actually increased.



That speaks volumes for the critical thinking abilities of Democrats. Fauci for months now has gone on one cable news network and advised This, and an hour later gone on a different cable news network and advised the opposite That, only to go on a third cable news network to clarify the countering opinions — by making Americans even more confused.

Republicans and Independents are on to the nonsense.

Democrats are a bit slower to the game, it seems.

But all in all, the takeaway is this: Health officials employed by the government are there to advise, recommend, guide and provide scientific and medical facts — but not to dictate. Not to demand. Not to order.

And certainly not to enter the field of politics and join with one party on policy over the other.

Fauci, on the coronavirus, has been decidedly political. His science has been politicized. His scientific guidance has been weaponized. His ties to China and the Wuhan lab uncomfortably close. It’s good to see voters distancing themselves from him.

“Confidence in Dr. Fauci Sees Dramatic Decrease Among Republicans, Independents, and Even Democrats,” the pollsters wrote.

Quite right. It’s high time — past time — to take back America from the bureaucrats. They never should have had that much power in the first place.

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