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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said at the COP26 summit in Glasgow that most victims of climate change are women. Her remarks followed a U.N. report that said similarly. And all that follows a lengthy list of media coverage, like in Global Citizen in 2020, that makes exactly the same tired case: “Understanding Why Climate Change Impacts Women More Than Men — climate change deepens existing inequalities.” 

Climate change targets women.

America’s roads are racist, according to Pete Buttigieg. And weather patterns are misogynist, according to Nancy Pelosi, the United Nations and the many leftists who serve the radical environmentalist cause in the media.

Remember the days when weather was a domain of God? Then came the Democrats; then came the globalists; then came the atheists and humanists, all with their superior attitudes and quests for control and dominance. All with their finely tuned talents to sniff out exploitative opportunities that could advance their quests for control and dominance, all the while pad their personal pockets. Environmentalism became the god of the left — the more radical, the more worshipped.

That’d be fine; free choice and all, right? — except the left demands all worship at the feet of this same green beast.

Voila, environmental justice was born. That’s the theory that says tax dollars must be redistributed to build cushy homes for people who can’t afford them, particularly minorities who can’t afford them, so as to ensure they get the same access to parks, same access to schools, same access to libraries and Internet and air conditioning as the people who actually pay for such housing for themselves — that is, the people who actually work to earn the money to pay for such housing for themselves. It’s not fair those who work hard have more than those who don’t want to work hard, dontcha know. Democrats learned that by crafting housing as an environmental issue — by characterizing housing as access to clean air and clean water, rather than as, well, housing — they can sway the people into believing that housing is not just a human right, but a taxpayer responsibility to provide for all, and that it’s incumbent on taxpayers to make sure all have access to the same level of clean air, clean water.

Environmental justice: a socialist’s weapon of frequent choice.

It’s how Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is able to claim, with a straight face, that roads are racist because the original construction of roads in America were made to bypass the minority communities and in so doing, depress those communities.

It’s how the media support such mad claims.

“Good on Pete Buttigieg for calling out America’s racist roads,” MSNBC wrote.

It’s how Joe Biden is able to expand the definition of infrastructure from bridges, roads and railways to child care, free college and clean energy. He makes the case it’s all interwoven; it’s all one and the same. 

“The Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal Boosts Clean Energy Jobs, Strengthens Resilience, and Advances Environmental Justice,” one recent White House Fact Sheet just said.

Now resurfaces the line of thought that climate change unfairly impacts women, leading to the mental hop, skip and jump to conclude that hey, those who don’t fight climate change in accordance with the globalist, leftist agenda are anti-woman. They’re woman haters. They’re discriminating against women. They’re misogynists.

“Seventy percent of the 1.3 billion people living in conditions of poverty are women,” the United Nations wrote in a report. “Women represent a high percentage of poor communities that are highly dependent on local natural resources for their livelihood, particularly in rural areas where they shoulder the majority responsibility for household water supply and energy for cooking and heating, as well as for food security.”

Pelosi picked up the baton and ran with it.

“It’s a threat multiplier that amplifies and accelerates existing inequalities,” she said, at a “gender day” gathering held at the Glasgow summit.

Race card, meet roads.

Gender card, meet climate change.

The left’s divide and conquer approach to politicking never ends.

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