Unless I read it wrong back in in the seventh grade in 1963 when we studied the subject, the U.S. Constitution only affords an American citizen or visitor the right to kill if the killing is done in self-defense.

That documents gives no right to kill during a riot or protest, in the womb, during an overly aggressive police arrest or out of revenge, etc. Yet since approximately 1946, our American political class and entertainment industry — including the media — and military industrial complex have done their marxist and criminal best to blur that distinction in effort to destroy the foundation of the United States and grab money and power for themselves.

Whereas, even if we abolished the IRS and returned most taxation and legislation powers to the individual states (which I endorse), if we do not understand the limits the U.S. Constitution places on the ‘right to kill,’ then our problems with violation of law and equality will only go back home to the states to continue to plague us.

The way I see it, we must decide whether we want to live in a culture of death and hatred that illegally encourages people to falsely think they have a ‘right to kill’ outside of self-defense, or live righteously and lawfully in a country that honors and enforces the right to life for all human beings here and abroad.


Blythe, Calif.

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