You have to give Biden and the Democrats credit for one thing: They could not have done a better job of messing up our country any faster. Biden has picked as his Cabinet members the most incompetent people possible.

First up are Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley, who are responsible for the Afghanistan debacle. Biden and these military geniuses closed Bagram Air Force Base and pulled our troops out of Afghanistan before evacuating American civilians and our allies. But our president, a grizzly political veteran, called this an”extraordinary success.” I agree with the president that it was an extraordinary success — for the Taliban, the Islamic State, al-Qaeda, Iran and China. Then you have Attorney Gen. Merrick Garland, who has targeted PTA moms and dads, calling them domestic terrorists. As real terrorists could be entering into our open southern border, Garland wants the FBI to go after parents concerned about what is going on in their children’s classrooms.

Next is Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, who when asked about her plan to increase oil production in America, lauged and said she could not “wave a magic wand.” What is so funny about high gas prices? Under Trump we were energy-independent for the first time in decades. Remember that?

Now Biden wants to have Saula Omarova lead the Treasury Department. Omarova want to federalize our banking system and impose government price controls. She has also said she wants to bankrupt the oil, gas and coal companies. What a perfect fit for the Biden administration.


Kokomo, IN

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