Gun sales have been off the charts ever since Obama came on the scene. In fact, I haven’t been in a gun store in the past decade that didn’t have a picture of him and the caption “Gun Salesman of the Century” beneth it.

In spite of the left’s best efforts, they are not going to get the American public to disarm . We know history. If anyone thinks the average citizen is going to stand by passively like the zombies of Portland did while a bunch of spoied-brat rich kids act out and destroy their community, I give you example number one: the Bundy ranch stand-off over land-grazing fees. If the Democrats can ‘choose’ to withdraw law enforcement and district attorneys can fail to prosecute arsonists, looters and muderers, don’t expect militant normal citizens to simply watch the destruction of their communities in the name of ‘social justice.’

Out here in ‘flyover Jesus land’ my welcome mat reads: “The door is locked for your protection.”

So keep calling us names, progressives; it’s all you have. Reality remains and it won’t change just because an army of ‘Karens’ is upset.


Eloy, Ariz.

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