Build Back Better is a catchy name that means nothing. Isn’t everything subject to decay and demise? Are there better materials available for building? Maybe, but how about new concepts? How about national bullet trains for faster passenger travel? Or universal geothermal heating and cooling, even on a neighborhood-by-neighborhood basis?

Home heating is more polluting than carbon dioxide from automobiles. The concern of polluting coal-fired power plants would be diminished by cutting emissions drastically with the use of coke from coking coal, and it would save the coal industry. Generation-IV nuclear power would eliminate or reduce many inherent dangers of radiation, as seen at Three Mile Island and the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in Japan.

If the Green New Deal is frozen in one ideology that misses its target or compromises the supply chain or availability of resources such as lithium, it’s doomed. Roosevelt played his cards close to his New Deal vest, but he was pragmatic. He’d change if he had to. The current administration has all but ruined the Democratic Party with their rule by committee, their crazy spending and their indoctrination of the masses.

Republicans have been as entrenched, and they had better have something to add besides opposition for opposition’s sake.


Grand Junction, Colo.

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