The type of senseless crime committed by the suspect in the Waukesha, Wisconsin, parade killing was ushered in by federal and local officials undermining our legal system and is what happens when you combine socialism, liberalism and criminal mentalities. Recently this country has gotten into a bad pattern of protecting the criminals and not the victims, such as is happening now.

We voters must acknowledge that the rise of unspeakable violence resulting in deaths of innocent people is mostly the result of changes including reducing felonies to misdemeanors; judges being restricted to access to criminals’ past violations; low bails for early releases; and lack of direct monitoring systems for criminals awaiting court dates. The Wisconsin case is just the latest example of misguided advocates’ ideals exist ignoring the possibility that some criminals can’t be reformed.

The many DAs, judges and criminal defenders who endorsed and promoted these ideals, somehow thinking they would not increase criminal activity, were gravely mistaken. Whenever you embrace criminals as victims or say criminal behavior is just people “blowing off steam” (like Chicago Mayor Lightfoot recently did) you get results such as the parade killings. These so-called legal experts fail to understand the potential range of criminal activities.

As someone works with youth criminal offenders, I understand the intention of reforming the systems. However, the criminal’s interpretation is there are so many flaws in the system, they’re untouchable.

Criminals’ advocates should at least understand be careful what they wish for. Some people simply need to be jailed.



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