The Marxists are going back to the virus well once more, this time to make sure the 2022 midterms can be manipulated in their favor (“New virus variant raises old fears, spurs travel bans,” Page 1, Nov. 29). Anthony Fauci will tell us that voting in-person is out of the question and only mail-in ballots will be acceptable. That will pave the way for the political far left to print all the ballots needed to ensure that they keep the House. I suspect that storage units and back alleys all over this awesome country are already being filled with completed ballots, ready to be miraculously “discovered” when needed.

Brothers and sisters, we must not allow the Marxists to drive the 2022 midterms with their lies and deceit. Patriotic Americans should have absolute control over the coming elections and push the opposition aside, as that will be the only way an honest election will be held. This is our chance to drive a political stake into the dark, rotten heart of the Marxist machine. It’s our chance to impeach Joe Biden for real crimes and arrest Anthony Fauci for crimes against humanity.


Gainesville, Fla.

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