- The Washington Times - Wednesday, November 3, 2021

It has begun. The madness, which descended upon Democrats with the election of Donald Trump and that was sharpened by the tandem diseases of racism and COVID-19, is dissipating. The outcome of the 2021 elections serves as the early harbinger: Americans are taking back America.

Appearing with Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe last week, Vice President Kamala Harris demonstrated prescience she must now regret. “There is so much power in the hands of the people,” she said. “It’s a close election, and it’s a bellwether for what happens in the rest of the country.” Oops.

On cue, Mr. McAuliffe had his bell rung Tuesday night with a jarring defeat at the hands of a political novice, Republican Glenn Youngkin. The 51-49 percent vote that turned the Old Dominion from blue to red shows that Virginians reject the racial division that Democratic establishmentarians have attempted to rekindle by foisting critical race theory on the Commonwealth’s youth and other schoolchildren across the nation.

Mr. Youngkin focused his victory speech on the return to the fundamentals of education that prepare children not for seething with separatist hatred, but for achieving the American dream: “We’re going to press forward with a curriculum that includes listening to parents, input a curriculum that allows our children to run as fast as they can, teaching them how to think, enabling their dreams to soar.” 

The accompanying election of Republicans Winsome Sears, a Black woman and military veteran, as lieutenant governor, and Jason Miyares, the son of Cuban refugees, as attorney general, confirms that Americans weighing candidates’ qualifications are tired of lectures about skin color and ethnicity. They want to vote for fellow patriots.

The outcome of New Jersey’s gubernatorial contest surprisingly hangs in the balance as of this writing. That’s a dreadful shock for Democrats, considering the Garden State is deep blue and incumbent Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy’s vote count is currently matched evenly by Republican Jack Ciattarelli’s. The Murphy salute to his national party’s campaign to mask and vax Americans — good and hard — has only invigorated legions of freedom-lovers shouting, “Let’s go, Brandon!”

Neither could the very epicenter of reverse racism hold. Minneapolis, which exploded violently in the wake of George Floyd’s death in 2020, thoroughly rejected 56-44 percent a ballot measure that would have replaced the city police department with a public safety agency. Two anti-cop city council members also lost their reelection bids.

With their drive toward a “fundamental transformation” of the United States, as Barack Obama envisioned the Democrats’ agenda, the party has made Americans feel like strangers in their own communities, foreigners in their own nation. Election Day 2021 has exposed the movement for what it is: anti-Americanism.

As Vice President Harris said, “What happens in Virginia will in large part determine what happens in 2022, 2024, and on.” Seldom in agreement with her, we now rise and respond with a hearty, “Hear, hear!”

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