Abortion tears at the social fabric of our society like no other issue, and it requires proponents to avert their gaze from the obvious (“Supreme Court takes up Texas law banning most abortions,” Web, Nov. 1). For instance, prenatal development is a continuum with no clear, defining feature distinguishing embryo from fetus other than a human-made definitional one.

The idea that an embryo can be dispensed with but a fetus should not be aborted is completely dependent on gestational age, a definition which may not be morally acceptable to others. The umbilical tether is another contentious factor; those who believe in third-trimester abortion use this tether to decree that a baby in the womb is something less than a human being and different from the just-born baby upon whom devolves all laws that apply to the rest of us, even one second after delivery.

We must contend with the issues of rape and incest, but we should no longer accept that a conceptus is other than a human being.



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