Biden is either the most incompetent, politically tone-deaf president in history or he is part of a diabiolical strategy to finish what Obama started: to fundamentally transform America. The crisis at the border; breathing new life into the Taliban while arming them; inflation; shortages COVID-19 insanity; and weaponizing the Department of Justice to go after parents who oppose using racism as a teaching tool. It’s all madness. And now Biden wants to turn illegal immigrant families separated at the border into lottery winners, with cash awards that will exceed what a Gold Star family receives for losing a loved one killed in battle.

Has Biden lost his mind? Or are we witnessing a diabolical strategy to demoralize or provoke the American people? After all, a demoralized people will have neither the will nor the appetite to oppose the progressive juggernaut that seeks to change America into the socialist paradise lefties are convinced they can deliver. On the other hand, Americans who don’t buy into the progressive plan for an earthly paradise will tolerate only so much before they say, “Enough!” Labeling parents domestic terrorists for opposing the poison taught in our schools is a not-so-subtle poke from the progressive pitchfork.

Tucker Carlson is about to reveal evidence suggesting that the Jan. 6 incident at the Capitol may have been a false flag operation involving paid FBI informants who are on video encouraging peaceful protestors to violate the law.

Meanwhile, more and more hard-working Americans are fired and impoverished for refusing to take an experimental vaccine. At some point prodding from the left will produce the incident progressives have been waiting for. Just think about it: If voicing complaints before a school-board meeting merits the label of domestic terrorist and the attention of the FBI, imagine the response if someone is pushed over the edge into violence or some other unlawful and counterproductive reaction. Or is that precisely what the left is waiting for to justify the complete removal of our freedoms?


Mt. Vernon, Va.

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