Why do the vast majority of Democratic voters continue to support President Biden? The majority of conservatives would have recoiled from President Trump and abandoned their famed political leader if he had caused similar crises.

The Democratic Party’s lack of traditional values and principles hinders it from behaving ethically. This diminishes its collectve ‘conscience’ and thwarts its ability to resist the temptation to commit transgression and destruction. But their constituents blindly follow them anyway.

Democratic voters’ lack of humility has led them down an abysmal path. They have a callous disregard for the destruction of our country; they have a callous disregard for remaking our nation into something about which they have no idea; and they have a callous disregard for harm to anyone who gets in the political left’s way.

We are all challenged by evil, but if we do not fight back, get back up when we fall and dust ourselves off, this malevolence will eventually control us. When a person, a people, or a presidential administration repeatedly places self-interest above the lives and safety of the citizens of the country and seeks to destroy the republic, that is evil.


Traverse City, Mich.

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